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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Here's What's New In AppRadio Firmware Version 2.50

Pioneer has released a firmware update for the first generation AppRadio. The new version 2.50 is available only in Europe at the moment. US users have to wait a little longer for the update. Here's what to expect from the update when it becomes available.

AppRadio firmware version 2.50
As you can see, there are some improvements to the bluetooth calling experience. Clock function has been improved too. Home button will respond better to double clicks. The biggest improvement for me is "Pressing home button in compatible app goes to AppRadio app directly, no temporary display of home screen". This means hopefully a snappier interface.

The update will be made available in the US within the next few days. Stay posted.

Images courtesy: Pioneer Electronics


  1. Some how I expected ALOT MORE fixes and additional features in regards how buggy and bad the current firmwares are. It's a disappointing update.
    I'm pretty sure that in the end 85% of all the bugs will still be present.

  2. Oh Pioneer you never stop to disappoint you buyers!
    To even be able to update to this firmware you need 2 Micro SD cards, I have one I bought just to be able to upset firmwares on my app radio, now Pioneer forces me to buy another, FUCK YOU PIONEER!!! You have the wort devs in history!

    1. Have you run the updates? I would expect that you could load 1 update to the card then the radio, then do the other. why get so fired up? it's consumers like you that give good products bad reviews.

  3. I updated the firmware with one sd card ... I do not understand why you have to buy another one ...

    1. Can you provide any details on how you did this? Did you load all the files from both updates onto the card at the same time, or just break it up into two steps?

  4. a user (on another forum a few days ago) wrote that Pioneer would release two updates soon: one in late April, and one at the end of May ... I believe that within a month, there will come a new update.

  5. Anyone hear anything about updating theappradio 2 SW onto appradio1? Comparison there really is no difference and since both running off windows CE seems like it'd be simple. But yes pioneer failed with the functionality and I'm sure appradio2 is just as poor. I mean these SW engineers are either not innovative or didn't test their own product out.

  6. Ok, got it installed pretty easily with just one micro SD card. Just do the first step, and then erase those and put the firmware on to do the 2nd step.

    Hate the way the time, radio pre-sets, and your audio settings get blown away every time you do this upgrade.

    CarMediaPlayer now shows up as an app now, which is great instead of having to launch it from the phone.

    Haven't tested it yet, but if it goes back to the App Main Menu instead of the Home screen when you hit the home button in an App, that will be great as well.

    Not much else that I noticed at first glance...

  7. i tried to update mine with no luck it has frozen up and i still have not heard from pioneer to resolve this problem

  8. I have had a couple of problems with install process. First of all a warning message saying something about a problem with CE66 file and install process didn´t finish. After that BT update didn´t finish. But I think everything works ok so far.

  9. I've been putting this update off (updated the firmware back in March last time) but the radio was crashing so often while simply playing the radio that I finally caved. I booted the radio and put the boot firmware update in. That went in without issues. Radio rebooted just fine. Perfect.

    Then I put in the 2nd part of the firmware update and started with the MPU update (from, I think, 2.45) as it was updating my radio suddenly went to a Windows CE screen. I waited a while and nothing happened. I could browse my SD card and everything just like a Windows PC .... Which was very much not what I was looking for. I rebooted the device with the SD card still in place. Just booted up into Windows CE again. I decided to try the boot firmware update again. Same effect. Just booted right into Windows CE.

    Guess I'll be calling Pioneer's customer service line this week when I have time.


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