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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Pioneer To Continue Updating AppRadio Firmware

First generation AppRadio to continue getting firmware updates
Contrary to speculation, Pioneer will continue to support the first generation AppRadio through periodic firmware updates. Even though the firmware update links are missing on Pioneer's AppRadio page, reliable sources inside the car technology giant have confirmed the above.

Pioneer has no plans of abandoning the original AppRadio customers that put faith in the device by buying it. They plan to continually improve user experience. Pioneer is seemingly aware of the issues that plague AppRadio.

As it happens with all first generation devices, teething problems are common. Although there is no specific date mentioned for the updates, we hope it won't be long until we see them. Updates will have to be installed the same way as before, through the micro-SD card slot.

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  1. I'm really happy to read this post. It would be absurd, if Pioneer had decided to abandon the development of a car stereo born just 9 months ago!


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