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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Audi To Announce Android Based Car Entertainment System [CES 2014]

The first piece of rumor from CES 2014 has made its way out. According to a report on the Wall Street Journal, German car manufacturer, Audi AG, is planning to announce its next generation car entertainment system which will be based on Google's Android.

Current Audi car models come equipped with Audi Connect which uses Google Earth imagery for satellite navigation.

Your Next Tesla Model S May Have An Android Emulator For Apps

The current Tesla Model S has a beautiful 17-inch LCD screen in the dashboard for displaying various vehicle functions. It is the largest screen in a vehicle by far. The software inside is built on Linux - Qt which means it is possible to develop pure Android apps for it (Android is just a modified version of Linux).

Evad3rs Try To Clarify Jailbreak Issues, Chinese App Store "Taig" Removed

In a two-part letter posted on their website, jailbreak developers Evad3rs have given clarification through their Twitter account on what possibly went wrong with the latest untethered evasi0n7 jailbreak for iOS 7. Among the many issues present with the jailbreak, users had expressed concern over the inclusion of the Chinese App Store "Taig". 

Taig has since been removed from the jailbreak. Other issues are still being ironed out. Third-party app developers have been scrambling to get their apps in the Cydia store. For now, here are a few excerpts from those letters...

Saturday, December 28, 2013

AUPEO! Radio Gets iOS & Android Makeover

Music streaming apps are aplenty these days but when it comes to choosing an AppRadio compatible app the choices are not many. Apps like Rdio are no longer compatible with Pioneer's head units. Although Pandora seems like the obvious frontrunner, there are a few other apps to chose from.

AUPEO! Radio is one of the few AppRadio compatible apps that is available for both iOS and Android. And it is a decent alternative to Pandora even though there may be a few missing artists in their catalog. The app works great with the AppRadio. And recently an update has revamped the design, making it look even better than before.

Note: The pic above is of the old interface.

Navfree GPS USA Updated To Add HD Maps And More

Navfree GPS USA + Street View is one of the more popular GPS apps for the AppRadio, boasting over 15 million users. An update to the app was made available yesterday with a few improvements.

The app already gets my vote because it has Google's Street View built-in and is fully AppRadio compatible. Beats most of the other GPS apps around in that regard.

A full list of what's new in the latest update version 2.3.46 is below. Both iOS and Android versions of the app were updated in the last few weeks with the same improvements.

Latest Extra Mile App Update Has iOS 7 Improvements

The Extra Mile app was updated a few weeks ago to add iOS 7 support. The interface a changed a bit, becoming flatter to blend with the iOS 7 look. Last week there was another update released with the a few improvements. Description about the latest update and link to download is below the fold.

The Android version of the app hasn't been updated recently and is, in fact, not recommended for download as most features don't work. Both OS versions are AppRadio compatible though.

Monday, December 23, 2013

iOS 7 Untethered Jailbreak Released, But Has Issues [Jailbreak]

Jailbreak enthusiasts were pleasantly surprised yesterday when the long-awaited jailbreak for iOS 7 was released by Evad3rs, the same group responsible for developing the last jailbreak. Almost no one, including app/tweak developers, were expecting the release before Christmas which has raised a few problems.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Will CES 2014 Bring Any Surprises In Car Entertainment? [Opinion]

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is held every year in Las Vegas, Nevada around the second week of January. The show brings together tech companies which showcase current and upcoming products. The event receives excellent press coverage.

The next installment of the show, CES 2014, is scheduled to be held between January 7-10. Car tech companies will be present at the event as usual. What surprises are in store remains to be seen. Here are some things we may (or may not) see.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Buy The CableJive "dockXtender" Lightning Version From Amazon [Deals]

CableJive's recently released lightning version of the "dockXtender" cable can now be purchased on Amazon for a lower price. It is also eligible via Amazon Prime for FREE two-day shipping. Links to purchase are below the break.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

These Bike2Power Smartphone Mounts Are Designed To Make Bikers Happy

As vehicular smartphone mounts go, some are very functional while others are simply clunky. For bikers though, there are a wide variety of mounts from Bike2Power that offer both functionality and lightweight mounting solutions.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Latest Waze Update Brings Faster Search With Auto-Complete

Waze Social GPS Maps & Traffic app was updated yesterday with better search functionality. You can now search your favorites, contacts, history or even addresses within the United States with auto-complete.

There are a couple of other improvements added to version 3.7.7 too. Both, iOS and Android versions of the app have been updated. Links to update/download this latest version along with complete details about the update are below.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

CableJive Releases "dockXtender" Lightning Cable Extension [Video]

The long wait for a reliable lightning cable extension may finally be over. CableJive, makers of the original dockXtender 30-pin cable, have now released a lightning version of this product which is available for immediate purchase. 

Lightning cable extension is sought after by Pioneer AppRadio 2 and 3 users who use an iPhone 5/5S/5C, to hide messy cables from the dashboard. Details on how and where to purchase along with price information is included below.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sygic GPS App Now Offers Head-Up Display Feature For Only $5

Windshield GPS projection devices seem to be the trend these days. First there was "Garmin HUD" which started the trend, followed by Pioneer Electronics themselves that announced "NavGate". Both those devices project GPS directions onto the windshield within the driver's field of vision. 

Garmin's device is priced at around $150 and is available within the US. Pioneer's NavGate, on the other hand, was announced only for Europe and is available for a whopping £600 ($980). 

Now there is a cheaper alternative from GPS app-maker, Sygic. The Sygic app can give you a projected GPS display for an additional in-app purchase of $5. iOS and Android versions of the app are available and will both work as a head-up display.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Next Generation HondaLink Connectivity Announced, Very AppRadio-esque [Video]

As scheduled, Honda announced its next generation HondaLink connectivity system earlier today. Honda made the announcement via a Google Hangout. The new HondaLink puts a smartphone-like interface inside the car, with the ability to run a few apps off of your smartphone. Sounds a lot like AppRadio technology from Pioneer which was launched back in 2011.

Currently, only the 2014 Honda Civic will have the next generation HondaLink system. The 2015 Honda Fit will be the next car to include the system.

Today's announcement has plenty of details. I have included links to the complete press release from Honda along with a few highlights about today's announcement. There is also the whole Google Hangout video you can watch below (26 minutes).

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Easy On, Easy Off - Meet The NEO GRAB Universal Smartphone Holder [Review]

Car mounts are an important component of driving helping you keep your hands on the steering wheel while having a clear view of your phone. Over the last few weeks I have reviewed a couple of smartphone car mounts; the minimalistic Kenu Airframe and the magnetic Wallee M. They both have their own pros and cons.

The mount we are reviewing today is the NEO GRAB Universal Smartphone Holder. I have been using it in my car over the past week.