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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Say Hello To The New AppRadio 2 On-Screen Keyboard

The primitive looking on-screen keyboard on AppRadio
Hey Pioneer, the 90s called, they want their on-screen keyboard back!

That above, is the on-screen keyboard on the first-generation AppRadio. It looks primitive and monochromatic. With AppRadio 2, Pioneer has revamped the on-screen keyboard. iPhone/iPod users will get to the see the one below instead of the one above.

The new keyboard on AppRadio 2

As you can see, the new on-screen keyboard has black keys and looks a lot better than the old one. At least it looks like it belongs to this decade. Also, clicking that downward facing arrow key hides this keyboard and text can then be input using the iPhone/iPod itself. And, the AppRadio keyboard layout can be changed within the Keyboard Language Settings screen on AppRadio 2.

Android users are advised to download the app CarKeyboard. This app allows text input directly from the AppRadio screen. CarKeyboard is a customizable multi-language keyboard that works with the AppRadio app. This keyboard can also be setup as the default keyboard on your Android phone.

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  1. Integrating the on screen keyboard with almost every device is the latest race among the manufacturers. This enables the consumer to access anything anywhere and with less space.


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