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Friday, April 6, 2012

What's Going On With Waze And AppRadio?

Is Pioneer dropping AppRadio compatibility for Waze?
One of our readers, Daniel, brought to our notice recently that the navigation app, Waze, has been removed from the list of AppRadio 2 Android apps on Pioneer's website. A hover over to the website confirms that. The app was listed there before as being compatible with the car stereo through Android. But for some reason now it's not there anymore. So what's going on?

We know how Pioneer has stressed on the 'safety first while driving' issue with AppRadio mentioning also that they will monitor closely which apps are allowed permission to be made AppRadio compatible. Waze requires user input while driving so maybe this has made Pioneer rethink it's permissions? Just speculation.

Waze is a different kind of navigation app with social integration that allows you to report on things like traffic, accidents etc. and warn other 'Wazers'. The interface on the iPhone is nice and simple. They have also added gesture and voice input support which makes handsfree use while driving a breeze. A lot of people use Waze and the added AppRadio support will only make it more popular.

Daniel also informed us that the iOS version of Waze has a beta out for testing with added Pioneer AppRadio support, according to a forum on Waze's website. There is no information available on a possible release date of this update or if it will ever be released at all.

You can download the iOS version of Waze (without AppRadio compatibility) from the App Store and check it out. It's Free!

Stay tuned for more on this front.

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