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Friday, April 6, 2012

BREAKING: Pioneer Is Now Shipping AppRadio 2 In The US

Just got an email (screenshot above) from Pioneer stating that AppRadio 2 is now shipping to most major retailers in the US. The email also reconfirms that the Android Connection Kit will be sold separately and is not included with AppRadio 2. None of the retailers I checked have the AppRadio 2 listed on their websites. I'll make a quick trip to my local Best Buy and report back.


  1. android app is in the google store today:

  2. pic of the app's recommended apps after install, pretty sparse:

    1. Make sure you have location services switched on. This should make all the recommended apps show up. But at the moment maybe that's all that is compatible. Thanks for sharing.

    2. Sadly, just those 2 apps available no matter how I play around with my phone.

      It prompts you to install a CarKeyboard application from the store also. It appears to override the default system keyboard, which kinda sucks since I already use an aftermarket keyboard (swiftkeyx).

      Couple more pics of the app:

      The manual link in the settings page opens a browser to


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