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Friday, April 6, 2012

AppRadio 2 Unboxing [Pictures]

AppRadio 2 is now available for purchase
The wait is over! This year's Easter egg has come a couple of days early. AppRadio 2, Pioneer's second generation installment of the AppRadio family, is now available for shipping in the United States. I stopped by Best Buy earlier and purchased one. The sales person told me they had just come in a few hours ago. They got a few in stock so supplies won't last too long. The price? $499 (not $599 as suggested on Pioneer's website earlier). Check out the unboxing pictures after the page break.

I have unboxed the device and it is ready for install. However, installation won't be complete until tomorrow so I'll have that update up subsequently. For now though, here are some screenshots of the unboxing (sorry, no video).

Some things to note:
1. GPS Antenna is smaller in size
2. HDMI Holder is included
3. No Android Connection Kit included (separate purchase, not available in stores yet)
4. Button bar bulges out from the AppRadio screen surface
5. Manual mentions the 'Menu' and 'Back' buttons will work with Android only

AppRadio 2 box mentions selected Android device compatibility

Side of box

Back of the box showing serial number and device compatibility

Top of the AppRadio 2 box

Manuals and documentation

Package contents in addition to the AppRadio 2 itself

Back of the AppRadio 2 showing two RCA preouts and other ports

The bigger 7-inch screen is obvious, making the bezel look smaller

The button bar juts out from the screen surface


  1. Nice! I'm holding out for Android, but it'll be sweet to see the initial review with the iPhone.

  2. Thanks. Time for a video review with her in action. Can't wait until BestBuy gets them!

  3. Best price over here in the UK so far is £699!!! That's over $1000!!!

    Will wait until more retailers have it though as that is ridiculous.


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