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Sunday, April 8, 2012

It Will Cost You $25 To Use MotionX GPS Drive With AppRadio 2

MotionX GPS Drive was one of the first navigation apps to be AppRadio compatible. The app is 99 cents  and worked well. Since Extra Mile became AppRadio compatible, I haven't used MotionX much at all. I tried using it yesterday with my new AppRadio 2 and this is what I ran in to.

When I connected my iPhone to AppRadio 2 and turned on MotionX, this is what popped up...

$25 to use AppRadio 2 with MotionX
In other words, if you don't purchase the External Display Package, your AppRadio 2 is pretty much an external display only. You can't use any touch commands to control it. Everything you want to do within the app has to be done on the iPhone. When you touch the AppRadio 2 screen, this symbol pops up in the top right corner and nothing else happens. No pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll, tap to click, nothing! If you want all these functions then shell out $25! Voice commands is an additional $9.99.

Touch commands won't work on AppRadio 2 without a $25 purchase on MotionX

I will stick to Extra Mile for now. It works great and serves my needs. I guess you can argue that standalone GPS devices cost way more than $25 but I'm not looking for one. MotionX mentions requiring a license for full interaction with the external display due to 'partner agreements'. So I guess Pioneer and other manufacturers alike had something to do with it. I hope this isn't the start of a trend where other app makers start charging us for using their app with AppRadio.

I'm not sure how long ago this was added. Can someone confirm the same issue with the first generation AppRadio?


  1. Wow. Unbelievable!!!!!

    Would navigation turn by turn directions work on android google nav?

  2. Using AppRadio 1 here with the old software (2.2 or something, I think), and used MotionX all weekend without having to pay the $25 fee.

    1. Using Appradio 1 for six months with MotionX and only paid $9.99 for voice and $0.99 for the app itself. I've updated all software to v2.5 and the appradio app is up to date as well.

      Bought Appradio 2, and they want me to shell out the $25. Same app on the phone. Looks like something surely differentiates Appradio 1 from Appradio 2.

  3. It's a pity that none of these apps display on the screen of Pioneer units (AppRadio, AppRadio2, AVH-P84ooBH) unless the handbrake is engaged. Nice to know that I can use MotionX in my garage but NOT while actually driving. This is with or without the $25 option.

  4. Well you can build a relay system with the amp turn on wire and a ground to turn the ground on for the park break when the radio comes on.. Basically you can watch DVDs while driving once you do that lol.


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