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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Is Pioneer Abandoning Future Firmware Upgrades For AppRadio?

No more firmware updates for first-generation AppRadio?
Recently, one of our twitter followers, @kytozen, pointed out that Pioneer USA has removed the "Firmware" tab from it's AppRadio page. With AppRadio 2 being launched recently does this mean Pioneer is abandoning future firmware upgrades for the first-generation device?
The original AppRadio still has issues that continue to plague it. Like most first-generation devices it was pretty much a field test from Pioneer. Those of us who had the device quickly realized it's shortcomings even though it was the first device to integrate iOS apps in you car's dashboard. The idea has been great, the execution not so much. 

I guess the biggest issue has been the safety warnings and popups. It is quite annoying indeed. AppRadio 2 is also hampered by similar warnings. So, the hope that someday you'd be able to have iOS integration in your car while you put away your phone in the glove compartment while you drive still remains. 


  1. I do think exactly the same!
    After their latest "patch" for iPod music app, seems like they abandoned the AppRadio1 support.
    I can understand that any new firstgen device is a battlefield device, and that's normal.
    Yes Pioneer, you cannot abandone lots uf users who did believe in your project anyway, simply because you decided to develop a new device 12 months later!!
    And if you decide to do so, please keep firmware updates and support for the first gen device users, like Apple do with their 3rd, 2nd and 1st gen devices.
    If not, I will never trust in pioneer again

  2. We have to consider that changing a car radio, is not like changing a phone. It would be a scam if Pioneer decides to abandon the development of appradio after just 9 months from its marketing! Someone on a forum said he had received news from pioneer on two upcoming releases of the firmware in late April and late May. But I do not know what the news was reliable.. I hope it's true!

  3. If they stop updates I will never buy their garbage again. Can't wait to see what happens when the iPhone 5 is released.

  4. The AppRadio page is showing the SPH-DA02 which just started shipping. There is no firmware tab probably because there isn't any firmware updates available for it yet. Pioneer still offers updates on their older navigation stuff so I'm sure they'd still offer updates for the AppRadio too.

  5. It would be pretty awful if they do stop support. CarMedia Player into the firmware to add touch controls for iPod, and the new radio layout looks a lot better in AppRadio2. Like the last post said, no reason not to follow the Apple model here and at least support the device for a couple of years.

    Definitely feel burned if they don't improve it a bit more from what it currently is.

    You guys all get the survey sent out a few months back? I filled it out and gave a ton of feedback on things that need to be addressed. Either they are just using the feedback on AppRadio2 or have just thrown it all away all together. Hopefully we are wrong and they do update, but I'm not going to hold my breath. Should have been available with the release of AppRadio2...

  6. I'm staring to hate pioneer more and more for every day, every time I use my (cr)appradio something always goes wrong, If they wanted beta testers the should really pay me, not making me pay for a product that clearly isn't finnised.


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