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Friday, August 30, 2013

Texting A Driver Can Make You Liable For Resulting Accident Damages - NJ Appeals Court

The American Bar Association (ABA) Journal is reporting this as a case of first impression. A New Jersey Appeals Court has said that a person texting a distracted driver can be held liable to third parties for injuries caused when there is an accident.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Latest EC Touch For AppRadio Update Fixes Most Existing Issues

Earlier today I posted an initial review of EC Touch for AppRadio outlining some issues that existed with the previous version of the app. There was an update put out by the developers after I had finished my review.

I have installed the latest update and can report that it fixes most of the issues mentioned in the review. I can fully recommend the app for download and use with your AppRadio now.

Here is a list of issues mentioned in the review and information about the fixes in the update.

EC Touch For AppRadio Could Soon Be The Only App You Need [Initial Review]

UPDATE: A recent EC Touch app update has been made available for download. Some issues listed here may have been fixed. Stay tuned for more.

There's an app that has kind of been flying under the radar of AppRadio enthusiasts in the last few months. Easy Car Touch for AppRadio (EC Touch) promises to do everything you could possibly want with your car stereo without ever having to switch apps.

EC Touch was developed and launched last summer by Italian developers. I had written an initial review back then. The app has come a long way since and maybe ready to take over your AppRadio soon.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Apple Acquires Transit App Maker 'Embark', Looking To Continually Improve Maps

Apple's current Maps app is far from perfect. Ever since it cut ties with Google Maps and launched their own service a lot has changed.

We've seen the firing of its then senior vice president of iOS Software, Scott Forstall, because of the Maps issue. Google Maps has gone on to release a standalone app for iOS which is arguably more popular than Apple's version.

But, Apple hasn't sat quietly conceding to Google that easily. In an attempt to continually keep improving Apple Maps, the Silicon Valley based tech mogul has recently acquired 'Embark', a startup transit app maker.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

App Update Roundup: MyPV, YouTube, Pandora, StreamS HiFi Radio [08/22/13]

The following AppRadio compatible apps have been updated this week… MyPV, YouTube*, Pandora Internet Radio and StreamS HiFi Radio. Details about each app update and links to download from the App Store are included below. These updates are for iOS versions of the app only.

Pandora Does Away With 40-Hour-Per-Month Limit On Free Mobile Streaming [News]

In what appears to be a move to prepare for the launch of iTunes Radio, the online music streaming service Pandora Internet Radio, has lifted a restriction that limits the streaming of free music to 40 hours per month for mobile users. Apple is scheduled to launch their own service, iTunes Radio, sometime next month.

U.K. Government Wants To Ban The Use Of Google Glass While Driving [Report]

Google Glass hasn't even been launched yet but the device is already getting attention from driving safety proponents. The Department for Transport in the United Kingdom is aware of Google's upcoming device and is already discussing imposing a ban on its use while driving.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cheap eBay Lightning Extension Cables Work With AppRadio (UPDATE: Maybe Not)

UPDATE: Just received my extension cable from eBay. It DOES NOT work. I had purchased the same one as the one VBLUE42 had purchased from eBay. The cable charges the phone when connected to a wall adapter in the house but does nothing when connected to the AppRadio with the Digital AV Adapter. I guess the bottom line is these cables are unreliable. You've got to be lucky to get one that works. It's a coin toss! Good luck!

The "reduce wire clutter" search may finally be over! We now have an answer to whether those cheap lightning extension cables from eBay work with AppRadio and iPhone 5. The answer is Yes, they work (but not for everyone)!

One of our readers "VBLUE42" has made these two YouTube videos which clearly show the extension cable being connected to the iPhone 5. The bulky looking Apple Digital AV Adapter is hidden away. Check out these videos…

Waze Integration Into Google Maps Has Begun [Report]

Google acquired Waze back in June this year with one main aim, improve the already awesome, Google Maps. The plan was to do so by integrating the social features of Waze for reporting traffic conditions into Google Maps.

The integration has begun, and as reported on the Google Maps Blog, the service is now better than ever.

Here is an excerpt from the blog post from Google…

Monday, August 19, 2013

Here's The Latest About The Pursuit For A Lightning Cable Extension

A week ago from today I posted about the need for a lightning cable extension that would help reduce wire clutter when using Apple's Digital AV Adapter in the car. The post has generated quite a sizable response with several eager readers and users wanting answers.

In the past week we have seen quite a few questionable working solutions but none with concrete proof. Here's a roundup of all the possibilities to reduce wire clutter.

Friday, August 16, 2013

App Update Roundup: StreamS HiFi Radio, MotionX GPS Drive [08/16/13]

This week these following AppRadio compatible apps have received version updates… StreamS HiFi Radio and MotionX GPS Drive. Details about each app update and links to download from the App Store are included below. These updates are for iOS versions of the app only.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pioneer Announces New Augmented Reality Advertising Approach [Video]

Pioneer Electronics is taking a new approach to print advertising with new augmented reality ads. They have launched a new Pioneer AR Experience (Augmented Reality) app which is available for download in the App Store. There seems to be an Android version too but it isn't available yet on Google Play.

According to a media release sent out today the approach is aimed at combining traditional print ads with digital technology using smart devices to bring the ads to life.

Here are more details and screenshots of the app.

Get The First Generation AppRadio Replacement Cable For $45 [UPDATE: Out-Of-Stock]


UPDATE: The cables mentioned in this post are NOT first generation AppRadio (SPH-DA01/02) cables. These are for AppRadio 2 and AppRadio 3. AppRadio 1 cables are out-of-stock at Amazon. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks to the comments below the post for pointing this out.

Many first generation Pioneer AppRadio (SPH-DA01/SPH-DA02) have complained about the cable for the iPhone 4/4S (CD-IU201N) fraying or the 30-pin adapter getting damaged. If you look to buy the cable directly from Pioneer Electronics it will cost you anywhere between $60 and $70 including tax and shipping.

There is a cheaper alternative though and it comes from Amazon. Unfortunately these cables are out-of-stock at the moment.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pioneer AppRadio 3 (SPH-DA210) At New Low Price On Amazon [Amazon Deals]

While Pioneer Electronics' latest AppRadio 3 (SPH-DA210) can be purchased at big box retailers like Best Buy for $499 (plus tax), it is still possible to buy one at a much lower price online. The best deal I've found so far is from Amazon where you can save upwards of $100!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Question: How Do I Connect My iPhone 5 To The First-Gen AppRadio?

I receive this following question almost everyday in some form or the other: How do I connect my iPhone 5 to the first generation Pioneer AppRadio? The answer is simple.

Monday, August 12, 2013

WANTED: A Digital AV Adapter Cable Extender To Reduce Wire Clutter

If you use an iPhone 5 to connect to your AppRadio 2 or 3, you have experienced this issue. There are one too many wires running from your dashboard or center console to your phone creating a messy look. There is an HDMI cable and a lightning cable connected to the Apple Digital AV adapter which in-turn connects to the iPhone 5.

Older generation iPhone users don't have this issue. Some Android users may need multiple wires running to and from their phones to make things work but I wanted to discuss issues with the iPhone 5 connection. I am looking for a solution to reduce this wire clutter.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rdio Is No Longer An AppRadio Compatible App

Earlier today I had posted about the recent enhancements to Rdio. Thanks to user "VBlue42" I have been informed that Rdio is no longer AppRadio compatible. When it first launched Rdio offered a month of "free to try' service. After that you had to buy a subscription to continue streaming music.

*UPDATED* How To Correctly Connect A Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 To AppRadio [How-To]

This post has been reposted due to an important update!

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The adapter listed here may not work with the Samsung Galaxy S3. There is another adapter available, the Samsung HDMI Smart Adapter (EPL-3FHUBEGSTA). This adapter requires a power adapter which is sold separately. Without the power adapter your phone will not charge but the adapter will still work (Credit: Tony Roongs).

I have received quite a few questions asking why Samsung Galaxy phones (S3/S4) don't work when connected to AppRadio 3 (or AppRadio 2) using Pioneer's Android connection kit (CD-AH200C). The reason why people have problems connecting these devices is because there is another adapter needed for a successful connection. The adapter is made by Samsung itself.

Rdio Steps Up Their Game With 'Stations' And 'You FM'

UPDATE: Rdio has dropped support for the AppRadio since its last update in May 2013. As a result the iOS version of Rdio isn't compatible with AppRadio anymore. Disappointing! (Credit: "VBlue42")

The subscription-based music streaming service, Rdio, has received major feature updates this week. In response to the upcoming iTunes Radio and existing services like Pandora and Spotify Radio, Rdio now allows you to create stations based on songs, artists and genres.

Rdio is AppRadio compatible and has a good looking interface in AppRadio Mode.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Apple To Announce New iPhone On September 10 [Report]

In keeping with history and according to a reliable source, Apple will announce the next generation iPhone at a special event on September 10. The report comes from AllThingsD, which has a good record of predicting such events. Here is a list of things to expect from Apple from various rumors, both reliable and those not so much so.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

App Update Roundup: AUPEO! Radio, Top-Headlines [08/07/13]

The following AppRadio compatible apps have been updated in the last few days… AUPEO! Radio and Top-Headlines. Details about each app update and links to download from the App Store are included below. These updates are for the iOS versions of the app.

So I Mounted An iPad Mini In My Car...

I have a Pioneer AppRadio 3 (SPH-DA210) in my car and it's great! I like it a lot. My phone stays in my pocket when I turn on my car and music automatically starts playing in a few moments. And with Siri, I can shuffle songs, find specific playlists or artists etc. without having to ever touch my phone while driving.

It's good when driving around town to familiar locations. When I have to go to a place I need directions to, there is a problem. See, I like using Apple's built-in Maps application for navigation. Unfortunately, the app isn't fully AppRadio compatible. You can have it displayed on the AppRadio but without any touch controls.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Generation AppRadio's "Fatal Application Error" Resurfaces

First generation AppRadio (SPH-DA01/SPH-DA02) users haven't seen a firmware update in a long time. In fact, the last firmware update version 2.63 was released more than a year ago (July 2012). Some users who have tried to update their AppRadio recently to this version have experienced an error that makes the device unusable.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Works Well With AppRadio 3 [Video]

This YouTube user video shows a Pioneer AppRadio 3 (SPH-DA210) working with a Samsung Galaxy S4. The user, "Tomer Halevi", uses Pioneer's Android connection kit (CD-AH200C) and also the Samsung adapter (EPL-FU10BEBSTD) for the Galaxy S4. Check out the video below…

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Question: Would Google Chromecast Work With AppRadio?

An anonymous user asked whether Google's latest streaming media player, Chromecast, would work if connected to an AppRadio (2 or 3). Just like I had posted a few months ago about Apple TV working with an AppRadio 2, it would work. In fact, any device that uses HDMI to connect to an external display will work. But there's one requirement which doesn't make this setup fully functional.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Tim Cook Says Apple Focused On Bringing iOS 7 To Cars

Apple held their quarterly earnings call on July 23. CEO Tim Cook spoke at the teleconference and one of the things he talked about was integration of iOS 7 in cars. He discussed the importance of urging automakers to bring Apple's upcoming mobile operating system into their cars.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Would You Buy A Car Stereo Made By Apple? [Poll Results]

Our latest poll question asked whether you would buy a double-DIN car stereo made by Apple. An "iCar" device would probably be quite popular and our poll results told nothing different.

A head unit that would connect to your iDevice and possibly allow you to run smartphone apps or one that would have its own operating system (iOS) installed on it would, in my opinion, sell like hotcakes! Apple makes quality products which somehow just sell like crazy. I would buy one!

Connect Your Samsung Galaxy S3 To AppRadio Wirelessly [Video]

I'm looking forward to the day when we'll be able to use smartphone apps in connected cars without having to hardwire the devices. A wireless connection between phone and head unit, whether it be through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, would eliminate the cluttered wiry mess cables create in and around car dashboards. It would also mean being able to leave your smartphone in your pocket after entering your vehicle, thereby reducing risk of distraction while driving.

If you're looking for that day to arrive, let's say, tomorrow and own a Samsung Galaxy S3, a Pioneer AppRadio 2 and have a few bucks to buy a dongle you may well get what you wish for. As YouTube user "Steven Rodriguez" demonstrates in the video below you can have ARLiberator control your smartphone through AppRadio 2 without having to connect your phone using the MHL adapter.