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Thursday, October 2, 2014

How To Update The Firmware On Your Pioneer NEX Head Unit For CarPlay

Pioneer Electronics has released firmware updates for its NEX receivers just a few minutes ago. These updates will bring Apple CarPlay to the five NEX receivers. Although full detailed instructions are available on Pioneer's website, here are a few pointers on what you'll need and how to update.

You will need...

- USB Flash Drive (for AVIC-5000NEX, AVIC-6000NEX, AVIC-8000NEX and AVH-4000NEX) formatted to FAT32 and 2GB or larger in capacity OR
- MicroSD card (for AVIC-7000NEX, AVIC-8000NEX and AVH-4000NEX) formatted to FAT32 and 2GB or larger in capacity

Either device should be blank without any files on them.

Which USB port to use: IMPORTANT: Only USB Port 1 on your NEX head unit should be used to update the firmware.

How To: Download the relevant firmware file for for your head unit onto your storage device after decompressing it (file is in .zip format). Connect the device to the head unit and proceed.

Note: You can check your current firmware version on your head unit by going to the System Settings menu.

Set the audio source to "OFF" on your head unit.

Once the storage device is connected, go to System Settings on the Top Menu screen of your NEX receiver. Scroll down till you find "System Information" and then "Firmware Update."

Click "Continue" and then "Start." Do not turn off your head unit when update is being installed. The head unit will restart itself during the process.

Once the update is done, remove your storage device and you're all set. You can confirm the new firmware version in the System Settings menu.

Pioneer's instructions are self-explanatory. Read all the information in the instruction documents before proceeding and make sure you are installing the correct firmware file for your respective head unit.

Visit Pioneer's firmware update page and find your model number for instructions and firmware update files.


  1. Mac users have a problem; any USB stick, even formatted FAT32 will have an invisible file placed on it by the Mac OS. I don't know of anyway to remove th file as the OS will replace it as soon as it is deleted. This file will prevent the update from working. The head unit will see the invisible file and it will decide that the stick is not blank and will not begin the firmware update. The only solution I know of is to have a friend with a PC format the stick, download the firmware for you and then update the head unit. Anyone have any other workaround?

  2. I did it in my mac no problem. Just format it using disk utility as ms dos fat and then copy the folder over to it in finder. Worked fine for me

  3. I am having problems.. the Avic 6000 says that my files are corrupted.. Did it happen with you guys??




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