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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Cheap eBay Lightning Extension Cables Work With AppRadio (UPDATE: Maybe Not)

UPDATE: Just received my extension cable from eBay. It DOES NOT work. I had purchased the same one as the one VBLUE42 had purchased from eBay. The cable charges the phone when connected to a wall adapter in the house but does nothing when connected to the AppRadio with the Digital AV Adapter. I guess the bottom line is these cables are unreliable. You've got to be lucky to get one that works. It's a coin toss! Good luck!

The "reduce wire clutter" search may finally be over! We now have an answer to whether those cheap lightning extension cables from eBay work with AppRadio and iPhone 5. The answer is Yes, they work (but not for everyone)!

One of our readers "VBLUE42" has made these two YouTube videos which clearly show the extension cable being connected to the iPhone 5. The bulky looking Apple Digital AV Adapter is hidden away. Check out these videos…

As explained in the video you have to remember that these cables aren't branded. They are made in China and available from a variety of sellers on eBay. Prices range anywhere between $10-$15. At that price they aren't very expensive so if you're looking for a clutter-free set up you should get one of these.

I would suggest buying from a seller that offers a return policy just in case the piece you get doesn't work for some reason. Most cable descriptions on eBay mention that Audio and Video aren't supported by these cables. This information may be inaccurate because Audio and Video functions work without issues as seen in this other video by "VBLUE42".

Thanks, Michael (VBLUE42) for making these videos for us. If anyone else has success using these cables please post a comment below.  


  1. I got the exact same cable but in black, and it doesn't work. Any chance for you to put a link or maybe a keyword to find the cable this user is talking about?



      This is the one that VBLUE42 said works.

    2. mine doesn't work either. i also got the black cord like Richard.

      VBLUE42 tested the white one. not sure why that would make a difference since they're the same cord.

    3. Bummer, well I too have the eBay Black one on order. I just ordered a $4 white one as a backup from deal extreme in case my black one fails to work as well.

      Hopefully someone can confirm a second cable working. So far it's 1 out of 4 working? (3 are not) lame

  2. I was going to order the black one on Friday but at this point I am going to stick with what Ive got. Also there are others at AVIC411 that have confirmed these (white) cables do work.

    AppRadioWorld admin: Send the black one back and exchange it for a white one and see what happens.

    1. I'm not expecting my back one to work at this point. Hopefully my $4 white on one the way works or else I'll be placing yet another order until the high quality CableJive DockXtender lightning version comes out in Oct/Nov.

      It's too expensive to return ship anything back to China. Their government subsidizes shipping costs that's why it's so effective for them to sell low cost items for little to no costs on shipping. The cable is $15, I bet it will cost $35 to send it back. you need to add tracking or else eBay won't side in your favor with a despite.

  3. I just got my eBay black cable today.

    I hooked up my HDMI adapter to my TV and iPhone plus added extension at home.
    IT DOSEN'T WORK! I repeat it DOES NOT WORK. :-(

    When I remove the extension HDMI works great, so it for sure isn't' working.

    I extended the regular lightning cable to my laptop, and iTunes syncs fine. (and charges the phone)

    It's strange that the extension doesn't allow HDMI to work when data works. I wonder what's missing/special?

    It sucks that the same eBay seller sells both white and black cables with the same price and description yet the black one doesn't work.

    I'm waiting for my $4 cable to arrive next and will post results. If it doesn't work I'll have to order the other eBay white one.

  4. Any luck with the cable yet? Need to order one myself and am waiting to hear your results. Thanks!

  5. !!SOLVED!!

    I just got my extension cable of and IT WORKS great. It has an applelike design, doesn't give an error message on ios7 and with 10 dollars it costs less than the ones on ebay. here's the link:


  6. My neighbor is an electrical engineer and he made a prototype cable for me. The YouTube link is at the end. He going to start selling them for 15 bucks but he guarantees that they will work on ios6 and upcoming ios7.


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