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Friday, April 6, 2012

AppRadio 2 Available For Purchase In Europe/UK?

AppRadio 2 available for pick-up in the UK
This is really interesting. I browsed a few European and UK-based online stores for AppRadio 2 and guess what! Most of them claim to have Pioneer's second generation device (SPH-DA100) in stock and ready for in-store pick-up. Check out the screenshot above from the UK-based store, Halfords.

However, Pioneer's UK website doesn't even list AppRadio 2 as one of their 'AppRadio' products. All that's there is the first generation AppRadio (check it out). The website for the rest of Europe has it listed though.

And by the way, if you're thinking of purchasing AppRadio 2 from a UK or Europe based retailer and having it shipped to the US, hold on. Notice the list price of £699 which, when converted to US dollars, works out to a whopping $1,100 or thereabouts with today's conversion rate. And that's not including any shipping charges. So it's clearly not worth it.

Well, all this suspense about the AppRadio 2 release in the US is getting ridiculous. The first week of April is over and Easter is almost here; but still no AppRadio 2. The wait continues...


  1. Could we get a list put up of where the Appradio is available from? Here in the UK the only place I can find it is Halfords and I'm not paying £699 for it! BeG very greatful if anybody could post websites in UK or Europe where it is available at a more sensible price. Thanks

  2. It's half price at halfords now. £349


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