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Friday, April 27, 2012

Firmware Version 2.50 Now Available For AppRadio

AppRadio (SPH-DA01/02) firmware update is now available for download from Pioneer's website. The links were posted yesterday but didn't work until earlier today. To download the firmware files you have to visit Pioneer's AppRadio SPH-DA01 page which isn't easy to find.

Here's the link to the firmware page:

The firmware is split into two files. A Boot File and the Firmware Update file itself. According to Pioneer, you will need two microSD cards to perform the update. The new features in this update have been reported before.

It will be interesting to hear about your update experiences and get some feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below. Happy updating!

Photo courtesy: CNET


  1. Updated w One card.. Boot first, swapped data, then update second.. No problems! Bluetooth much improved! Connects instantly now instead of 30sec delay..

  2. It's great that Pioneer isn't forgetting about the original Appradio population. I find it qwirky as most would agree, but I have enjoyed it overall. Personally, I like the feel of Appradio better than Appradio 2. Cannot stand the 'allow' notifications that the new one comes with. I also like the old radio tuner layout better.

    So why did Pioneer increment the model of the Appradio to SPH-DA02? Nothing changed as far as I can tell.

  3. So when I uploaded the boot menu it went to about 60% then read:

    Fatal application error...
    application CIS.exe has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down. If problems persist please contact program vendor.

    Program: CIS.exe
    Exception: OXC0000005
    Address: OLCA656C

    It froze... then I turned car off and on, then it said the whole "Boot drive has been installed successfully (or something of that nature"

    Then did 2.50 and it worked, but my E-brake switch doesn't function properly anymore. Instead of off and then on (I leave it on the on position so its just 2 motions instead of 3). I have to toggle it a few times. Also my app pictures no longer show up. Carmedia player and pandora say have the sub title text, but the ICON just says 'APP' instead of the picture it previously had.

    Any ideas?

    Also anyone have issues with carmedia player app? It worked great when I first got it. Minus occasional repeat of first sounds of song. Now it works for like a day and then its like the app on the phone doesn't recognize appradio or appradio doesn't recgonize carmedia player is activated on the phone. So I delete it and reinstall and it works fine again for a day or two and then the same problem happens. I mean WTF

    1. I also got this exception today. I haven't had much time to play with the radio after the fact. Have you had any resolution to your problems?

  4. Tried doing this but my unit is in constant demo mode any advice welcome please

  5. the apps don't work anymore after the update....
    and NO support from pioneer!

    people don't buy this bad product


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