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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Minor Extra Mile Update Now Available

A minor update to the navigation app, Extra Mile, is now available in the App Store. Version 4.5 fixes bugs/defects and has improved navigation. Go grab it now.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BestParking: The Latest AppRadio Compatible App

BestParking has added AppRadio support
Update: AppRadio screenshots have been uploaded. Click here.

Just a few minutes ago I saw an update available for the parking finder app, BestParking, with Pioneer AppRadio support added. I've used BestParking for a while now and it's quite good.

Friday, February 17, 2012

iPod Bug Fix For AppRadio In Latest Extra Mile Update

Extra Mile v4.4 now available
The voice-guided navigation with trip logging app, Extra Mile, has received a few bug fixes and enhancements in the latest update. Version 4.4 has also added support for the United Kingdom and Canada subscribers. Here is a list of what's new:

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Question: Which Apps Will Be AppRadio 2 Compatible Through Android?

Android and AppRadio 2
Anonymous asked:
"I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. I've been thinking about getting the AppRadio 2 when it becomes available. Just been wondering if you have knowledge of apps that would work with AppRadio 2 through my Android phone. Thanks."

New Enhancements Added to MotionX GPS Drive In Version 13.0

MotionX GPS Drive v13.0 now available
MotionX GPS Drive is an inexpensive GPS app for your iPhone that happens to be AppRadio compatible. It's simple and does what it's supposed to do without much of a fuss. If you're familiar with this app you know what I'm talking about.

Well, the app got updated yesterday to version 13.0. The new version has the following enhancements:

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

AppRadio+ Surfaces - Jailbroken AppRadio Firmware

A jailbroken version of the AppRadio firmware has surfaced on the web. It's called "AppRadio+" or "AppRadio More". There are reports on a couple of forums and blogs that suggest Russian and French versions are now available. The firmware installs like any other firmware update (using a microSD card). An English version is not available yet.

Here are a few things the jailbroken firmware does. This description is translated from the French version so pardon the grammar. Paraphrasing...

DashCommand Update v2.9.3 Fixes Bugs

DashCommand v2.9.3 now available
The vehicle dynamics monitoring iOS app, DashCommand, has been updated to version 2.9.3 with a few bug fixes. The app displays vehicle data by connecting to an OBD-II device installed in your car. The app is developed by Palmer Performance Engineering and puts various dashboard skins on your AppRadio. The latest update includes the following (from app description):

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

AppRadio SDK Coming With AppRadio 2 Launch?

Everyone's been waiting for the promised AppRadio App Development Program. CES 2012 showcased the AppRadio 2 from Pioneer Electronics. No specific launch date has been given for the second generation device but Pioneer's website suggests 'Spring 2012' as the launch time.

So where is the software development kit (SDK) that Pioneer promised?

Monday, February 13, 2012

AppRadio Extensions Update v1.1.1 Fixes Bug (Jailbreak Tweak)

A new version of AppRadio Extensions by Mike DeCaro was made available on Saturday. However, a bug was reported to the developer soon thereafter. Enabling the "Bypass Launch Alert" option would somehow disable AppStore downloads. And so an update to AppRadio Extensions, v1.1.1, is now available in the Cydia Store on your jailbroken iPhone. This update fixes the AppStore download bug. Happy updating!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

AppRadio Extensions v1.1.0 Now Available (Jailbreak Tweak)

AppRadio Extensions v1.1.0 now available

If you have a jailbroken iPhone 4/4S and Pioneer's AppRadio in your car then head on over to the Cydia store and download AppRadio Extensions. The latest update from developer Mike DeCaro adds iOS 5 support. This tweak can be accessed through the Settings app on your iPhone.

This update has a whole set of features ranging from the ability to disable the AppRadio launch video, to adding a Home button to Pandora. Here is a full list of the new features from the documentation:

Question: Is Waze (iOS Version) AppRadio Compatible?

Waze is indeed a very nice app
Jeff asked:
"Does Waze work with the AppRadio? The Pioneer site lists Waze (Android) but nobody seems to know if the iOS version works. I've been considering buying an in-dash navigation system, but they are pricey. The AppRadio is half the price, and I love using Waze. So it'd be awesome!"

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Extra Mile Update Available

Extra Mile update v4.3 now available
Just a few days after posting an update, the developers of Extra Mile have made another update available in the App Store. This latest update, v4.3, includes DropBox support and a better UI for trip details. I haven't tried out the new update but it probably allows you to sync your log files with your DropBox account. You'll still have to purchase the unlimited log entries and report generator for $2.99 though. Happy updating!

AppRadio Prices At All-Time Low

AppRadio prices keep falling (not an actual price graph)

Just out of curiosity I browsed around different websites to check for AppRadio prices this morning. When I bought my AppRadio last summer it was introduced at a price of $399. Today, the lowest price I could find

Friday, February 3, 2012

DashCommand Update Now Available

DashCommand update v2.9.2 now available
An update is now available for the AppRadio compatible OBD-II app, DashCommand. The update was made available a few hours ago today. Here's what's new according to the app description in the App Store.

How To: Add Custom Background To AppRadio (Credit - Mike DeCaro)

Custom background image on AppRadio
Here's how to add a custom background image to your AppRadio as suggested by Mike DeCaro (@mikedecaro). I have confirmed this and it works as seen in the picture above.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

AppRadio Quick Tip: How To Access The Audio Source Control Keys

How to access the Audio Source Control Keys at anytime
If you didn't know this already here it is. So say you have Pandora playing your favorite tunes through your AppRadio in the background while you use the Extra Mile app to navigate through tight city streets. Then pops up a song you've heard way too many times and don't wish to hear it anymore. You want to skip to the next song asap! How do you do it without closing the Extra Mile app? Here's how to...

Extra Mile Gets An Update (v4.2)

Extra Mile update now available
The incredible travel logger app Extra Mile has received an update from its developers today. The newest version 4.2 has quite a few enhancements and improvements. The complete list is below.