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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

AppRadio iPhone Cable Replacement

iPhone connector cables for the AppRadio and AppRadio 2
I have received quite a few questions asking how/where to get a replacement iPhone cable for AppRadio or AppRadio 2. It is impossible to buy that cable from a retailer because most of the times they have no idea what you're talking about or they simply never got the part from Pioneer. Here's the only place you can get one (hopefully!).

According to sources it seems like the only way to get your damaged cable replaced is by contacting Pioneer support. Pioneer hasn't shipped these replacement parts to retailers. Since the original AppRadio was launched last June, it is still under the one-year warranty, and according to Pioneer the cable can be replaced free of charge. No other details are available at this time. It is not clear whether they will ship the cable to you or have you send the damaged product to them first. Let's hope it's the former.

Like any other cable, the iPhone cable can get damaged (for whatever reason). One thing to remember is that if you bought your AppRadio from a retailer like Best Buy, the warranty is still under Pioneer. So any support queries have to be directed to Pioneer, not the retailer. Maybe this will change sometime soon, with retailers actually carrying the replacement parts. It will make the whole process a lot easier.

I haven't contacted Pioneer support myself to see how the process works. If anyone out there has done this and had any success please let us know in the comments below. Another useful thing to do is use a cable extender like this one (click here), that way the original cable is less likely to get damaged. At least that's what I have done because the original cable is a little short for my needs.

Update: Pioneer has the cable for AppRadio listed on their 'Parts' website. It's priced at $56.21 but is currently 'Not Available'. Click this link. The best bet still is Pioneer support because under the warranty the replacement should be free. You'll only have to pay for shipping costs.


  1. Had to replace my cord for AppRadio 1 because it pulled apart where the two cables join into one. Contacted Pioneer, they required proof of purchase (a faxed copy of the Best Buy receipt). I also had to mail in my cord first, and then pay for the return shipping on the new cord. This is annoying because I had to go almost a week without a cord. They could not provide a tracking number and the experience was terrible with customer service, they were very hateful, but the cord was finally replaced and I didn't have to pay the horrible price for the new cord, only two shipping fees.

  2. I had to deal with the same problem. It sucked big time!!!

  3. I had problems with the 2 units that I purchased. The units would turn off, stay powered off and them boot back up. Both of them. Really annoying on long drives with 2 children. Just recently shipped both units in per Pioneer support hopeful that they can fix the problem or send me new units. I really expected more from Pioneer, I have been a pioneer fan since my college years.

  4. has any one had there unit work fine but when u go to the store and come back to the car and start your car but the radio wont turn on and just stays on the screen where its says pioneer and time to time blink pioneer?

  5. First let me thank you for your post, the information you provided got me to exactly where I needed to go. I just purchased a 2011 Camaro with the Appradio 1 in it. The genius that owned it before me smashed the crap out of the the end of the cable that plubs into the iPhone. I called Pioneer customer service, other than having to wait about 5 minutes they took care of me extremely well. The chord is not avialable for sale online, but if you call they do have them in stock, mine will be shipping today and I just placed the order this morning. You just need to follow the link to the contact us page and call the 800 # provided.

  6. Let me start this post with how bad these cables where made. And how they are built to break. They have to much slack one, and two wires that go into one right before it hits the point in which it plugs into you phone/ipod. So good luck finding a place that doest put any stress on your plug end. I have this installed in a 05 mustang. i used to put my phone in my cup holder, or on my seat. not really an ideal place to put it. Sure I can clutter up my interior with some clamp or clip or 3m some holder somewhere, but im not interested in sticking anything or clamping anything to my custom interior in my car. Just very poor design and for half the price of replacing the actual LCD on the radio, I can purchase a new cable? like really? i can buy this unit new for around $250 or less but im going to spend almost $70 replacing a poor crafted part?

    The cable slow broke over time. Began with the left side of my car not getting audo.. i could jiggle it or adjust its position to get it to work, to eventually i guess the poor soldered wires eventually coming off and now can charge my phone with the cable, but completely lost the audio in.

    Waiting 45 mins on hold. Finally got transfered to someone who actually works at pioneer it seems. The cable is 56.21$ + 12$ s/h which is pretty dam steep if you ask me. And it must be ordered over the phone. they told me my warranty does not cover this cable. and my extended warranty at best buy does't either. Last time ill purchase or recommend/install any pioneer products at my place of business. When the new cable comes it will be on sale on ebay. Save yourself a huge hassle, buy a suction cup,something you can 3M to your interior, or a gps holder with a huge extended arm with a suction cup to hold your phone/ipod. Otherwise be prepared for your interface cable to break, Its inevitable. I have also read instances where people who use those previously listed items, still encounter audio issues, i honestly belive the wires are very poorly soldered to the clip. ill be cutting it open tomorrow to actually see how cheaply made this thing is, as it is now 90% useless to me.

    1. Just curious! Did you cut open the cable? Would be great to see a link to pics or a description of what you saw. My cable has gone bad as well in 8 months only 6K miles driving. I have a Infiniti G35 so I took a similar approach choosing not to mount a phone holding accessory. Bestbuy protection is covering this for me. Of course this was a separately paid option. They are also going to do the replacement installation as well since this is a covered item that was installed at their store. Currently waiting for installation time with Bestbuy as this is a very busy time of year.

    2. Check out my post below or click on my name above, it should bring you to the photos. Oh and...

      **WARNING I have had some burn-in occur at the bottom of my iPhone screen because of my frayed cable. By changing the standard operations of your cable/headunit you understand these sorts of things can occur**


  7. My cable is also bad. I didn't have a mount in my car, either. Called "customer service" with Pioneer, and they wanted me to remove the whole stereo and send it in. I decided it was easier to just order the damn cord and have Best Buy install it for me... My total with tax and shipping was $72.16... Almost thinking of putting my original stereo back in the car and forgetting the whole thing!

  8. I had purchased a brand new cable about a year ago, maybe longer, and it cost me about $76.00. I could only buy it from Pioneer at the time and it was a standard transaction.
    Fast-forward less than a year later and my cable is mangled again. This time I've been soldering the hell out of it and clipping back every time more of the delicate cables fray. Luckily I took pictures/videos along the way...

    (sorry about the bad music in one video)

    **WARNING I have had some burn-in occur at the bottom of my iPhone screen because of my frayed cable. By changing the standard operations of your cable/headunit you understand these sorts of things can occur**

    Hope this helps some of you guys!

  9. The cable connecter snapped in my hands when i picked up the phone.. PICKED UP THE PHONE!! Poorly manufactured piece of... very aggrivated and only the first week of having my car. so now my headunit is useless.. not even CDs cause its "APP RADIO" piece of garbage. fuck pioneer and their "customer service" i will never recommend these shitty products to any of my customers i am so pissed its not even funny. WHY DO YOU NEED such a long cord for no reason and for as stiff as it is adds to much pressure to the iphone and jack??? who made this crap? Taiwan?

  10. My cable fell apart when I tried to remove my iphone and was stuck to the cord - I wriggled it to free it from the cord and now the port to my iphone is damaged requiring $250 from apple to fix it (void warranty if done elsewhere). It is a very cheap nasty (fall apart) cord that, if pioneer cared at all for their customers, they would replace with something alot better quality. Not wait for customers to contact them but admit that they got it wrong and went with the cheapest supplier not the best quality !
    Avoid this stereo unitl they fix the cord issues. I will never buy another pioneer product thats for sure.

  11. Big Thanks to Kenny Clark for the pics ... helped me to re-solder mine after it fell apart. I have to agree with most of the comments on here, the quality of the cable and connector are very poor. I've decided to buy a cablejive dock extender to allow me to have a more robust connection at my phone and hide the embarrassing original cable under the dash somewhere.

    For anyone needing to re-solder I can confirm the connections (thanks to Kenny Clark's Pictures) are as follows.

    There are 3 cables within the main cable:-

    Cable A:
    Front of Connector
    Pin 1 - Black (shield)
    Pin 6 - White
    Back of Connector
    Pin 4 - Green
    Pin 8 - Red

    Cable B:-
    Front of Connector
    Pin 21 - Brown
    Pin 23 - Blue
    Pin 29 - Black (shield)
    Back of Connector
    Pin 22 - Orange

    Cable C:-
    Front of Connector
    Pin 27 - Violet
    Back of Connector
    Pin 28 - Grey
    Pin 30 - Black (shield)

    I found that a 40W Soldering Iron was just about right and also disconnected my battery rather than removing my head unit.

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