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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Black Colored Lightning Cables From Third-Party Manufacturers Have Issues

After the huge wave of response we received about getting a lighting extension cable for the iPhone 5 connection in the car, we have now learned that third-party lightning cables may or may not work depending on the color of the cable. This information has been confirmed by the third-party reseller from China, iPhone5Mod.

There have been many complaints about the black cables across the web including on our website's comments. Then iPhone5Mod posted the following message on their website regarding the black cable…

Anyways, if you're looking to buy extra lightning cables or even lightning extender cables from third-party manufacturers, I suggest purchasing white colored cables. Keep in mind, there is no guarantee that the white extender cables will work for sure but the chances of success are much higher than with the black ones.

Our readers have mentioned having success with the white extender cable from iPhone5Mod. I'm thinking on purchasing one for myself. I would ideally like it to be black as my car's dashboard is black too but sometimes you have to compromise a little.

Lightning extension cables from iPhone5Mod costs $9.90 plus about $3 shipping to the U.S. Additionally it takes about three weeks to receive this cable because it's shipped from China.

Let us know if you have success with any lightning extension cable in the comments below.

Images' source: iPhone5Mod


  1. This seller is US based and it only took about 4 days to receive mine.

    1. got mine this weekend. didn't work. the black nor white.

      hopefully iPhone5mod works. kinda tired of wasting money lol.

  2. Just ordered from, let's wait and pray ;)

  3. Interesting news you found. (makes sense)

    I'm still waiting for my (deal extreme) white cables to arrive. Hopefully one of them works or else I'll buy the ebay mod one next.

  4. I just realized the black cable I bought is in San Mateo, California
    (that's only 10 miles away from me)
    I just contacted the seller and asked if I could swing by to exchange the black for white. I might as well not let this black cable be a total waste!

  5. I'm going to try and Plasti-Dip my white extension cable to be black once I get it.

    I had a successful test using Black Plasti-Dip today!
    (check out my before after pix/videos)

    I'm a fan, this stuff rocks, people coat their whole car in the stuff! It's tough and feels like a real rubber coating. (because it is)

    1. I meant to add I'll try doing it to the Lightening HDMI adapter too!

  6. I got my two DealExtreme cables today. One works, One doesn't

    The cheapest $4 cable does NOT work

    This $5.60 cable DOES work! (all good, no tax, free shipping)

    Here's the confirmation photo:

    I went ahead and used Plast-Dip (spray on black rubber coating) and my white cable is now black! (still flexible, feels/looks good) A can of the stuff is $6
    (more pix soon after 4th coat dries)

    The non functional black eBay cable I bought was sent back for exchange with a working white one. I should have it back in a few days. I might try using a black sharpie marker on it to compare Plasti-Dip vs Sharpie.

    I'll be keeping an eye out for the higher quality CableJive DockXtender Lightning edition if and when that ever comes out as well. (blog mentioned possible oct/nov release)

  7. Ordered a white cable from iPhone5Mod and can confirm it works!

  8. I just received a white extension cable from eBay today and it can charge, sync my iPhone with iTunes but it does not works with my Lightning to HDMI adapter AV with my iPhone 5 with IOS8. No sound and no picture output at all. Another chinese junk cable...


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