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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New iOS 7 Apple Maps Interface Deserves Full AppRadio Compatibility [Opinion]

Apple Maps have been through a lot in the last year or so. First there was the big goof up with iOS 6 which led to a few firings within management and now there is an iOS 7 upgrade that's tried to fix a few of those issues.

Popularity among iOS devices may still trail Google Maps but Apple is definitely working on improving the experience. I have to be honest, I prefer Apple Maps when using the AppRadio 3 over Google Maps. The main reason being using Siri to get directions handsfree while driving. Apple Maps gets the job done.

The new interface is much cleaner and simple looking. I like the new Helvetica Neue Ultra Light font that Apple uses throughout iOS 7. Apple Maps isn't AppRadio compatible but I think it deserves to be. Having touch functionality will definitely improve popularity among AppRadio users.

iOS 6 Maps
Google Maps isn't fully AppRadio compatible either. There is no touch functionality. In my opinion, Apple Maps should become the default Maps app on the AppRadio with full functionality. After all, it works with Siri without issues. Whether this will eventually happen or not, no one knows. Hopefully, someday it will.


  1. I wouldnt hold my breath waiting for apple to allow that

  2. Can someone contact Pioneer to inquire about this?

    1. I'll call the CEO and see what he says... ;) Just a little humor... not attack.

  3. I won't use it because Apple Map has no offline maps! In addition, I doubt Apple would work with Pioneer either.

  4. Apple maps do support offline mode:


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