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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

BestParking Version 2.0 Drops Pioneer AppRadio Support, Offers Refunds

BestParking is an app that serves information about the cheapest and most convenient parking garages and lots in over 100 cities in North America. The app has been AppRadio compatible for quite a while now but a recent update has dropped AppRadio support.

The founder of the app, Ben Sann, has informed us of the change through this following email…

FYI: In v2.0 of BestParking's iOS application, we discontinued support for Pioneer AppRadio. Only ~30 users connected BestParking with AppRadio each month, and it wasn't enough to justify the continued maintenance of the Pioneer AppRadio SDK into our code and development cycle. Any user who upgraded for $2.99 can contact Support for refund instructions.

Click on the "Support" link in the email above to ask for a refund if you've recently purchased the BestParking upgrade.

BestParking is the latest app to drop AppRadio support after the long-standing music streaming app, Rdio did so a few months ago.


  1. This is the third app we have seen do this in as many months and I beleive we will continue to see this more and more.

  2. I can certainly understand why they would drop; I certainly would not use it as is; the app needs to be imbedded into a GPS app, its too clunky to get close to your destination then figure out where youre going to park by opening another app. iGo app shows parking spots on the map, it would be great if BestParing was integrated to show price that way all would be seamless in use.

  3. I have nothing but connection problems with my AppRadio. I have tried everything. The best guess at the problem looks like the AppRadio IOS app is the culprit. Every day I have to erase the IOS app and re

  4. Download it. It seems that the IOS App doesn't release the system when disconnected. It is very annoying. I have read other poor reviews and problems ... as well as the post above about a software developer disconnecting from the group. This is not good for Pioneer ... which should subsidize developers if they decide to quit ... as well as fix all issues before the whole consumer base gets corrupted with poor reviews.

    I bought mine in particular because of the 'extension' for jail breaking ... but not knowing that my cu

  5. Current IOS 6.1.3 won't work .. and I have to wait. I would have preferred the JVC app radio with its video out and great JVC camera control ... but I wanted unrestricted app access ... such as weather radar and live Facebook updates ( via SWC ) without having to beg EC Touch to implement them ( I even offered them PayPal to help them ... no reply )

    I have one more chance to reply to Pioneer tech support to see how things are progressing. If they fail to reply then I will consider jumping ship too

  6. So far my experience with AR has been positive, i'm connected with an iPhone 5s and the only issue i'm having so far since the new OS is the displayed maps start out utilizing all 7", somewhere down the road it reduces to approx 6". Not a deal breaker but an annoyance. I hope they can get it fixed soon... I'm assuming its the AR app as I have several GPS apps that support AR and they all have the same issue since iOS 7.. it did happen on occasion with iOS 6, but it always happens with the new OS.

    The only thing that seems really annoying is the launch time when connecting to the iPhone, judging by Youtuve vids it would seen Android connects much quicker, like instantaneous, I'm assuming Apple has some protocol its running through to insure the big A has control.

    Can some of you Android users pipe in and let us know your experience? Thanks in advance too!

  7. Maybe pioneer should stop making it such a pita to get the sdk and build apps with it. They have to approve each develop to dl the sdk? NEXT.


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