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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

AppRadio App Gets Updated Before iOS 7 Launch

iOS 7 will be available for download tomorrow to millions of iOS device owners. The September 18 launch date comes two days before Apple's latest iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C go on sale. App developers have been updating their apps over the last couple of days to make them compatible with iOS 7.

Pioneer Electronics has also updated their AppRadio app. But the app description doesn't mention if it was updated to add iOS 7 compatibility. Here are complete details from the App Store.

AppRadio (Version 2.5.0)

Description: Minor bug fixes

The only description for the new version is bug fixes. There is no mention of iOS 7 compatibility. Beta versions of iOS 7 had no issues working with the older AppRadio app version so probably no update is needed.

There is no update for the Android version of the app.

Keep an eye out for other AppRadio compatible apps that get updated in the next few hours to add iOS 7 support.

You can download today's latest version of the AppRadio app from the App Store.


  1. Is this safe to update for the jailbroken users with extensions ?

  2. I updated AppRadio app on my jailbreak iPhone 5 with AppRadio Extensions package. I forgot I had Auto Update on, so updated 15 minutes after release. Everything seems to be normal so far. (but I didn't test a whole lot yet)

  3. Has anyone updated to iOS7 and the new version of AppRadio and found that it works? I'm afraid to do iOS7 until I know it works. Maybe I'll try on an iPod Touch just as a test and post if no one has experience


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