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Sunday, September 22, 2013

iPhone 5S Issue Fixed, Fully Compatible With AppRadio 3 [User Feedback]

The iPhone 5S running iOS 7 is fully compatible with Pioneer AppRadio 3 and other AppRadio Mode enabled head units.

The issue we posted about yesterday regarding connectivity problems the iPhone 5S had with the AppRadio 3 has turned out to be an isolated issue. User "JC" has emailed us today as to how he has managed to fix this.

We also received feedback from a couple of other users that have confirmed the iPhone 5S works perfectly with the AppRadio Mode enabled head units. Here is the complete list of user feedback regarding the iPhone 5S along with the fix from "JC".

Email from "JC" explaining how he fixed iPhone 5S issue (Edited for content):

iPhone 5S Update

After disconnecting and reconnecting the car battery I got it to work. I did notice the screen size is a bit off but that could be iOS 7 but everything seems to be working. 

If other users are having issues this might be the fix.

Tweet from "Ben Hann (@Xallyeah)":

User feedback from 'Comments' section:

As of now there are no other issues to report with the iPhone 5S or iOS 7. Thanks to everyone who offered their feedback.

Stay tuned for the latest.


  1. Thank goodness, I have my new 5s being delivered tomorrow.

    Can anyone comment if there are speed improvements in the initial connection and launch of app when connected to the appradio and iphone 5s over the 5?

  2. Exactly what I thought. As I stated previously, don't go by what one person reports when it comes to stuff like this. There was just no reason for it not to work as it does with the i5.

  3. This really sucks. Why not put the same effort into the AppRadio 1!!!! If were not for the AppRadio users, there would be no AppRadio 3.

  4. Good, My iPhone 5S arrives in a few hours via FedEx!

  5. Because the hardware of the AR won't support the i5 series of devices.

  6. Certainly not an entirely isolated incident, as I am having issues with my 5s and AR3 as well. Pioneer has advised that I do a system reset, so that's what I'm trying tonight. I only get connectivity with the Appradio App and the head-unit 1 in every 10 or so tries and when it does connect the amount of lag between the head unit and the iPhone is enormous.

    I'm sure it will get fixed one way or another, but just wanted to weigh in. Zero problems at all running AR3 with my previous 4s and iOS 7 by the way.

  7. Delete previous iPhone 5 pairing on AppRadio 3
    Restart your car to reboot AppRadio 3
    Create new iPhone 5S pairing
    Everything works!
    45 second Video Demo:

  8. I hooked it up today and all is works well. I see JazJon's instructions above, thanks. I didn't need to follow those as I backed up my Iphone 5 and loaded its profile on my 5s. All works great!

    1. I forgot to mention, the only issue still remaining is that the content displayed on the screen still shrinks down to 6". It did that occasionally on the iphone 5 but almost immediately does it on the 5s, well too on the 5 after installing iOS 7. I think there needs to be an update to the appradio app as I believe this is where the issue is.

  9. My problem is that a radio from a manufacturer should be like car parts. It's 7 years mandatory. I own my appradio1 for less than 2 years. I just purchased my iphone 5s and wonder how the hell do they expect us to dump a head unit within 2 years? Just make a new fucking cable and maybe in a year or two ill consider buying the next generation Gook radio.


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