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Monday, September 9, 2013

Will We Actually See Two New Apple iPhones Tomorrow? [Opinion]

September 10 is almost here and there has been a lot of anticipation surrounding Apple lately. The tech giant is due to announce it's next generation iPhone(s) tomorrow and there have been plenty of rumors to chew on in the last few weeks.

So will we actually see two new iPhones announced tomorrow? Here's what I think...

Almost all tech pundits have agreed there will be two new iPhones announced tomorrow. There will be a flagship "iPhone 5S" which will be an upgraded version of the iPhone 5, and, there will be an "iPhone 5C" which will be a budget iPhone geared towards Asian markets, first time smartphone buyers, school goers and those with tight pockets.

This will be the first time since the first iPhone was launched back in 2007 that Apple will announce two new models at the same event. It's never happened before. So how likely is this going to happen?

In my opinion, it's almost certain at this point that we will see two new iPhones tomorrow. Apple has been taking a pounding in Asian markets from Android smartphones when it comes to marketshare and they hope to eat through some of that share by announcing the so-called budget "iPhone 5C". Apple iPhones are way overpriced in those markets compared to most Android smartphones.

The iPhone 5S will be what the iPhone 4S was to the iPhone 4; a hardware upgrade. It is highly likely that the new phone will look similar to the iPhone 5 with upgrades to the processor, memory, camera and probably even a fingerprint sensor.

Apple has already announced satellite iPhone events in Beijing, Tokyo and Berlin which will include a stream from the September 10 event in Cupertino, California as well as some other content. The events will be held at a much convenient time in those places.

It is still not known whether Apple will stream the event live to Apple TV devices like before. Nonetheless, the event is scheduled to start tomorrow at 10 a.m. Pacific. Stay tuned for the latest.

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