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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

iPhone 5 Cable Kit For AppRadio 2 (CD-IH202) Now Available [Pictures]

Pioneer CD-IH202 Cable Kit Now Available
Pioneer announced the iPhone 5 compatible cable kit ($60) for AppRadio Mode enabled devices at CES 2013 earlier this year. The kit is now available at various authorized Pioneer dealers across the United States. Availability in other parts of the world is unknown. I ordered my kit from my local car audio store and it got delivered today. Here's what it's all about.

The kit consists of a couple of cables and requires the additional purchase of Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter ($50). You will also need to use your lightning cable ($20) that came with your iPhone 5. That means buying an additional cable for use in your home. Check out the pictures below. The literature in the box contains diagrams showing how to connect the kit.

Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter (Not included with CD-IH202 Kit)

The AV adapter description from Apple says it helps mirror the iPhone 5 (or other lightning devices) screen onto an external display. I've still to determine how this kit will work with my AppRadio 2. Whether it will actually mirror the iPhone 5 display or have an AppRadio mode interface on the car stereo is to be seen. Mirroring would mean having an iPhone-like interface on the AppRadio screen. If AppRadio mode is possible like before we will see different interfaces on both devices.

I will hook up the kit this weekend and report back. Check back here for more info.


  1. I hope this cable provide touch screen capability on the appradio as I have just plugged in a normal HDMI cable and the Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter. It does mirror it but you have to control from the iPhone??

    1. no touch capability with the iphone 5, ive used the kit and not sure why i even needed it when the update and any HDMI cable plus the adapter looks like it would have done the same thing.

  2. With this installed you absolutely can use apps the same as you did with an iphone with dock connector. The only difference is that to play music you have to use the car media play app, instead of the ipod app from the home screen of the appradio.

    I installed mine this weekend and it works great.

  3. i Dont Need This Cable for put The iPhone 5, Only i Need, Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter, Lightning to 30-pin Adapter and HDMI Cable and Thats It, Upgrade the Fimware my iPhone Works !!!

    1. That would be great! Im going to buy the Lightninh to 30 pin adapter!

    2. me again! indeed it works. However the google maps is crappy. The navigation does not exist, except for other ones..

    3. Hi can you tell me if you update the firmware and just the connection with av adapter and hdmi cable do you get the touchscreen facility???
      As you can see I'm trying to get away from buying the pioneer cable... Please let me
      Many thanks

  4. and what is with us appraio 1 owner

    1. Sod all. They've abandoned us. Shit customer service. I won't buy another one.

  5. Most expensive upgrade I have ever made..... £350 for the Radio unit, £30 for the harness, £60 for the fascia, £60 for the Pioneer iPhone 5 cable, £15 for the Lightening USB Cable and then another £40 for the Digital AV Adapter..... If it had been made more clear that this level of investment (£555//$840) was required to get my iPhone 5 working in my car I wouldn't have gone with the Pioneer AppRadio.....

  6. This is to be a little of entertainment relief for many of us who have upgraded to iPhone 5. These cable handles all audio and video transfer between AppRadio 2 and iPhone 5.

  7. If you don't really care about using video from the iPhone5 to the AppRadio2, could you forgo buying the Apple's Lightning Digital AV Adapter?

    Just connecting through the Lightning Cable would provide iPhone5 connectivity and allow use of the apps, correct?

    1. I'm very interested in this question as well. The short cable on the Lightning AV connector is making is really difficult to install an iPhone dock the way I hope to.

      What happens if I connect the iPhone 5 to the AppRadio 3 with a simple USB -> Lightning cable?

      Also, once I've plugged the iPhone into the AppRadio, do I need to access the phone at all, or can I stash it away (opening up more install options: I like a very clean interior in my tiny convertible).

  8. You must use this apater to use the iphne 5 at all....also you
    U have to use the carmediaplay app as the ipod button on the home screen no longer works..

    im also having issues with the jalbreak extensons....not showing thoseapps in full screen and not being able to control them frm appradio....but airplay video looks good from netflix,hbo go etc.

  9. How do you upgrade the firmware? I'm assuming you download it to a USB dongle and then plug that dongle into the USB port of the radio? Is that correct?

    I just had a Pioneer installed and there's a sheet in the instructions telling me to upgrade the firmware so I can use my iPhone 5, but it doesn't tell me how to upgrade the firmware. I've spent about 2 hours researching the internet trying to figure it out.

    TIA for any answers!

    1. This update is for AppRadio 2 (SPH-DA100) to allow for AppRadio Mode with Apple devices with Lightning connector.
      -Required items: USB flash drive (v2.0, FAT formatted by a **Windows PC**), Apple Lightning Digital AV adapter, HDMI cable, iPhone 5, AppRadio 2
      -Optional items: Lightning USB cable that comes with iPhone 5, Connection cable from AppRadio to iPhone: EITHER the original iPhone/iPod cable that comes with AppRadio purchase OR recently released Pioneer Cable CD-IH202
      *Neither cable is required for AppRadio to work with iPhone 5; especially NOT! CD-IH202 cable!*

      Latest Firmware from Pioneer for AppRadio 2 is Version 8.30

      Here is a link to Pioneer's website for instructions and firmware download:

      The instructions are pretty clear cut on what to do to update the AR2. There are 2 files that you will need to download to fully update your AR2. These files must be loaded individually onto a USB flash drive and then plugged into USB connector on the AR2. First load the *.yuk* file to flash drive --> update --> then load the *.hat* file --> update. Only 1 file is to be loaded onto flash drive at a time. If you have 2 flash drives, you can load 1 file onto each flash drive so that you don't have to use a computer in between each file update.

      **Although Pioneer doesn't state this in their instructions: The flash drive must be v2.0 and formatted to FAT32... BY A PC COMPUTER!!! This means that a flash drive formatted on a Mac will not work! I spent multiple hours trying to update my AppRadio 2 to no avail until I read about this in another post.**

      After successfully updating to firmware v8.30, pair your iPhone 5 to the AppRadio via bluetooth. Once the devices are paired, connect the iPhone 5 via Apple Lightning Digital AV adapter to HDMI cable that is connected to back of AR2. (You don't need to actually connect the Lightning USB cable to the AV adapter for the iPhone 5 connection to work. If you want to connect Lightning USB, you will need to plug that to the original AR2 iPhone/iPod cable (comes with AR2) OR CD-IH202 cable (purchased separately). The Lightning USB simply adds charging for the iPhone, which I strongly suggests as the iPhone screen continuously stays on for most Apps to work. Since Lightning USB cable to AV adapter connection is NOT REQUIRED, this allows you to charge a second device while using iPhone 5 for AppRadio Mode.

      *Note: Only required connections are: iPhone 5 via bluetooth and HDMI (via AV adapter)*

      If AR2 does not launch Pioneer App on the head unit screen and on iPhone 5 or takes you to the "Parking Brake" screen and then goes black:
      -Check all cables are plugged in tightly!
      -Check AR2 successfully updated to v8.30 *look in Settings*
      -Check AR2 Settings --> Make sure "App Connection Settings" is set to "iPhone Digital AV"

      After this you should be able to use iPhone 5 with AppRadio 2 with almost complete functionality including touch screen support. Function not currently supported is native iPod feature from iPhone 5. You will need CarMediaPlayer App or EC Touch App (both free) to add music support with iPhone 5.

      *For Jailbreakers using Mike DeCaro's AppRadio Extensions: with iOS 6 - there is currently no touch input for unsupported apps, minor lagging issues (I have not experienced this), no notifications on head unit and unsupported apps are not scaled to the screen size (i.e. they show up small on the HU). Siri button still appears on HU and will work (I have experienced issues with calls made this way not being fed through bluetooth on HU), pressing home button on HU takes you back to AppRadio App instead of home screen.

      I hope this helps. Thanks and Have a Nice Day!

    2. i followed your descriptions but have an issue with the bluetooth-- the cog under the phone control is grayed out. The phone connects and i can make/receive calls but cant get to settings. I also cannot access any apps or pandora. I have the adaptors and standard HDMI. Set to digital, 8.3 using iphone 5s. Any ideas?

    3. i followed your descriptions but have an issue with the bluetooth-- the cog under the phone control is grayed out. The phone connects and i can make/receive calls but cant get to settings. I also cannot access any apps or pandora. I have the adaptors and standard HDMI. Set to digital, 8.3 using iphone 5s. Any ideas?

  10. can I still use my 30 pin devices with this ?

    1. Yes... but you will have to do some work...

      Unfortunately, Pioneer in their infinite wisdom won't allow easy switching back and forth between devices.

      To change from iPhone 5 back to older Apple devices with 30-pins or Android devices on v8.30:
      *Make sure iPhone 5 is paired via Bluetooth first!*
      - Disconnect AV adapter (HDMI and Lightning cables) from iPhone 5
      - Turn iPhone 5 Bluetooth off
      - Go to AR2 Settings --> find "App Connection Setting" (this should be set to "iPhone Digital AV") --> Touch this toggle and change/select "Source Off"

      After this, you should be able to connect your 30-pin or Android devices to AR2 as stated in instructions manual.

      I hope this helps. Thanks and Have A Nice Day!

    2. If I currently connect my iPhone5 via a USB-30-pin cable with the 30-pin to Lightening adapter, can I continue to use that instead of the USB-Lightening cable?

      Also, is the HDMI cable neccessary to use apps? Or is that just for video?

    3. i can see the video but no audio??? im using the hdmi cable with the iphone 5s

  11. and all they needed to do was use a wireless a/v recevier with a simple charging pulg that would plug into the old iphone out on the radio and use bluetooh to control everthing

  12. hi
    i must say this unit the avh8550bt is a big piece of shi...
    here are some of what i have noticed...

    1. i get incompatible usb when i connect an ipad in usb 2
    2. no video out when playing from youtube on the iphone even when the hdmi/thunder/osb are connected
    3.the number of apps that works are ridiculous
    4. try browsing the net it feels like the unit is about to reboot/explode
    5. the GUI is of a retarded engineer, why cant i access the songs as playlists by artist/song/ genre like in my phone easily?
    6. the extra multi pin to usb cable that comes in the cdih202 is for what?
    7. the firmware updates are not clear and detailed like they should be
    8. no q&a at pioneer web site about this product installation

    so think twice before you get this...

    albert banon

  13. I cannot even get my APPS to work at all, I have tried everything and nothing getting pretty frustrated....


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