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Friday, September 13, 2013

Still No Reliable Lightning Extension Cable Option Available

After weeks of trying to get a successful lightning cable extension that works with the Apple Digital AV Adapter, we are still at square one. Although there have been a few working instances we've seen so far, not all of them have been successfully repeated by other consumers.

Cheap extension cables from eBay have worked for a couple of people but many others who have purchased the same product haven't had success. There was more success with the white cables compared to the black ones but it has not been consistent either.

I purchased a cheap cable from eBay for $10 a few days ago. It was black and didn't work. After asking the seller to send me a replacement white cable, I tried that one. And it didn't work either. So much for color differences!

As of now, we can't recommend purchasing any of the cheaper cables on eBay because success rate has been sketchy. Although you can try the cables and return them if they don't work it's quite a hassle to do so.

Here's where we stand right now. One of our readers has suggested having access to a custom-made cable which could be made in bulk if enough interest is generated. We have suggested getting one of these cables for review first before recommending it to our readers.

Also, CableJive is probably working on a product themselves which will come out in October/November. 30-pin versions of the cable have worked without any issues in the past so this seems like a reliable option. Not quite yet though.

More updates in this regard are coming soon.

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  1. How long do I have to say that the white extension cable at iphone5mod did work well for me?

  2. I wonder if the issue with the cables has more to do with the distance between the phone and the Digital AV adapter? The Digital AV adapter actually communicates with the phone via AirPlay. Is it possible that when using these extension cables the adapter is simply too far away and there's not a strong enough wireless communication between the Digital AV adapter and the phone? Here's an article on the AirPlay tech inside the Digital AV adapter:

  3. So does the adapter still work with the phone if WiFi is turned off? I ask because I don't believe it works through AirPlay.

  4. Do we really need another front page article hashing out the lightning extension cables?

    This $5.60 cable DOES work! (all good, no tax, free shipping)

    I even used Plast-Dip to turn it from white to black. (still works / feels great)

    I'd still like to get a higher quality CableJive version though once it's out though.

  5. Thanks for the post above. (very interesting)

    I have no problems with my extension cable. (the dx one I just posted about)


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