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Monday, September 2, 2013

New iPhone To Be Announced On September 10, Launch On September 20

A couple of reports across the web suggest that the new iPhone that Apple will announce on September 10 will be available for purchase on September 20. Apple's big iPhone event which is scheduled to happen later this month will also result in the launch of their new mobile operating system, iOS 7.

According to a report on BGR, AT&T has announced vacation blackout dates for its employees around September 20th. Possibly due to the launch of the iPhone 5S or 5C. TmoNews reported earlier that T-Mobile employees won't be able to take vacation time-off from September 20 to 22, which is probably also due to the impending iPhone launch.

Apple is rumored to announce two iPhones this month. The higher priced 'iPhone 5S' will be prices the same as what the iPhone 5 was priced at launch and a second 'iPhone 5C' which is rumored to come in different colors and priced much lower.

The rumor mill has been churning for quite a few weeks now. iPhone launches have always attracted plenty of attention. New iPhones with a brand new iOS 7 means third-party products like AppRadios may or may not face the need for updates to meet compatibility requirements. Stay tuned for the latest!

Source: BGR & TmoNews
Image Source: Apple

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  1. September 10 is fast approaching and I do have mixed emotions about its introduction. I hope there is something new in this iPhone that would bring back life to them, sales-wise. I predict that the 5C would be selling more than the 5S variant.


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