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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Video Shows Samsung Galaxy Note II Having Issues With AppRadio 2 [Video]

A YouTube video from user "RTcharger"shows a Samsung Galaxy Note II working with a Pioneer AppRadio 2. In the video the user outlines some issues he has using Pioneer's connection kit as well as a third-party kit to connect to the head unit. A few other interesting details have emerged from the video.

The user uses a third-party cable (red color cable in the video) which connects to the MHL port on the phone and splits into an HDMI and USB port at the other end which connect to the AppRadio 2 and power source for charging the phone.

The big issue that's highlighted in the video is the AppRadio 2 screen blacking out from time to time. The user suggests it's due to a faulty MHL port on the phone. But there have been similar issues with other Samsung Galaxy Note II users trying to connect to any external display. Whether this issue is isolated or an actual problem with all other Galaxy Note II phones is unknown.

'RTcharger' also states that he has switched over to an iPhone 5 since the issue couldn't be resolved.

The ARLiberator app for Android has been used to mirror the display and seems to work very well. Watch the video below for the rest of the details…

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  1. I think this has been already fixed. I have read this a couple of weeks ago. not sure though if the source is reliable.


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