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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tips For Improving AppRadio Screen Readability [How-To]

AppRadio screens have a glossy finish which can sometimes make it hard to read. Glare on a bright day is often the culprit. In fact, almost all head units and tech devices these days have glossy screens.

Screens are also fingerprint magnets. Within a few taps plenty of smudges can be seen which can also make it difficult to see what's on the screen. 

There are ways you can improve readability though. Here are a few tips.
Tips for improving AppRadio screen readability:

1. Screen Brightness: Find the right level of screen brightness. Brightness and Contrast can be adjusted in the 'Settings' menu. 

The AppRadio 3 (as well as AppRadio 2) has a 'dimmer' feature. With dimmer your device will automatically adjust brightness when you turn on the car's headlights. 

You can adjust how dim you want the screen to be during evening and night hours. Having the screen too bright at night can be distracting. Conversely, having it too dim can make the screen difficult to read when you have to turn on your headlights during daytime hours.

2. Anti-glare Screen Protector: I have contemplated using one of these in the past. Screen protectors with a matte finish would help reduce glare from glossy screens. Screen protectors are more commonly used in smartphones and tablets.

There are a few products made for AppRadio available on sites like eBay and Amazon. Although technically it would reduce glare and protect your screen from scratches, I am always hesitant to stick something on any of my devices' screens. But it is an option, nonetheless.

3. Use Screen Tilt: This feature is only available in AppRadio 3 (SPH-DA210). The SPH-DA110 model doesn't have this feature as it doesn't have a CD/DVD drive. 

On clicking the "Eject" button on the button bar, two screen tilt buttons appear on the AppRadio 3 screen. These buttons allow you to adjust the tilt between five different tilt angles for better viewing. I have used this feature frequently.

When opening and closing the screen the AppRadio 3 remembers your screen tilt setting. The screen returns to your previously adjusted angle after closing.

4. Keep The Screen Clean: I have a lint-free cloth in the car while I use to get rid of fingerprints and other smudges. Using an alcohol-free spray to clean the screen once in a while is also advisable. 


  1. Great points. I've considered getting a glare guard for my AppRadio 3. Still not totally sure I need it though as I'm currently able to live with things even when the sun is setting and washing out the screen.

  2. I'm thinking of putting in a switch to over ride the dim that happens when I turn on my headlights. Sometimes I like to drive with my lights on during the day or twilight and the screen is too dim! For now I have the screen nearly max brightness for night mode for now. I'm thinking an over ride switch would be a happy medium. I do like the dim non-distracting light while driving long distance at night. But like I said sometimes that's TOO dim for other occasions.

  3. my appradio 2 has water vapor on the inside of the screen. There are streaks and spots of it which make it extremely hard to see. Is there any way to clean it?


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