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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Deezer Music Disappears From Apple CarPlay

Following the latest Deezer Music update for iOS, the app has disappeared from Apple CarPlay. Deezer Music was one of the latest third-party music streaming apps to add CarPlay compatibility. The app was added to CarPlay sometime in August.

Interestingly, almost a year ago, Deezer acquired Stitcher, the popular podcast and radio talk show streaming app. Deezer, a Paris-based company, had said at the time that it would continue offering Stitcher and wouldn't shut down those services. A year later, Stitcher is still available and continues to be CarPlay compatible.

With the Deezer Music app, you can stream music for free on your smartphone. Their catalog reportedly contains over 35 million songs. They also offer a premium streaming service for $5.99 per month in the United States (other countries too, price varies), which removes all advertising while allowing you to download music to your device for offline listening.

The app's interface on CarPlay was like any of the other music streaming apps. You could stream music based on artist, album or track. Premium service also allowed unlimited skips when streaming genre radio channels.

Perhaps the Deezer Music and Stitcher apps will be integrated into a single app that does radio talk shows, podcasts and music. However, there has been no official word regarding why CarPlay support was removed from the Deezer Music app.

According to the Deezer website, the service has added 20,000 podcasts this year. But it doesn't say whether this is through Stitcher.

Source: Deezer Music

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