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Thursday, October 15, 2015

How To Detach The Faceplate On Your Pioneer AVH-4100NEX [How-To]

Pioneer's entry level Android Auto and Apple CarPlay head unit, AVH-4100NEX, is the best option available at the moment, in my opinion. The device is priced very well, better than the competition, and has robust features that will make the car you own a pleasure to drive, all over again.

The AVH-4100NEX is packed with features, including a couple of very nice anti-theft features that will help keep your device safe. One of those features is the ability to password-protect the head unit. The other feature is the removable faceplate, which you can keep in a safe place when not in use.

Detaching the faceplate on the AVH-4100NEX is easy.

The faceplate of the AVH-4100NEX, which includes the display, comes off completely. Removable faceplates are also available in the AVIC-5100NEX and AVIC-6100NEX but those faceplates only include the button bar.

To detach the faceplate, follow these steps...

1. Click the Eject button on the button bar.

2. Tap on the faceplate detach icon on the screen. The bottom end of the faceplate moves forwards and outwards to reveal a small dial located in the center of the lower edge.

3. Slide the dial to the right and lift the faceplate upwards and outwards to detach. You have to do this in one motion while having the dial pressed. If the faceplate is not lifted out from its attachment the device restarts.

4. To reattach, simply slide the faceplate into the top of the unit and push it into place. The inserter tabs on the faceplate should slide into the insertion slots on top of the head unit.

If you choose to remove the faceplate everyday, use the included pouch to store it. Do not leave the faceplate in the car, especially in plain sight.

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