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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Verizon Set To Hike Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan Prices Next Month

Are you one of the elite few who has survived changing data plans on Verizon and kept your priceless unlimited plan for all these years? Well, there is some news for you, and it's not very good. The cellphone carrier has announced a price hike for the data plan.

This may not go down very well with existing customers.

Verizon stopped offering unlimited data plans back in 2011. But they weren't the only ones to do so. AT&T did so too but both carriers allowed customers to keep their existing plans - grandfathered in. Only smaller carriers like T-Mobile and Sprint offer unlimited data plans these days.

Grandfathered unlimited data plan customers on Verizon will see a price hike of $20 per month starting November 15, according to the carrier. The news comes after Sprint announced a hike in their unlimited data plan by $10 a month last week. Seems like data is worth much more than its weight in gold these days.

Verizon says a small number of unlimited customers who are on contract won't see the price hike until the contract expires.

After the hike, customers could see their mobile phone bills crossing $100 quite easily. Most text and talk plans cost $50 alone, couple that with the new $50 price for unlimited data and you've crossed the century mark.

AT&T has not announced any price hikes as of now (I seriously hope they don't). Personally, the unlimited data plan may be the only reason why I'm still with AT&T. I've been a customer with them for over 10 years and I'm sure they realize it's the unlimited data plan that's keeping a lot of people like myself loyal.

Another good piece of news from AT&T came out a few days ago when they announced an increased data cap limit for the same grandfathered data plan users. The cap was raised from 5GB to 22GB.

Maybe you're wondering why a car technology website is posting about mobile data plans but most of the latest in-car technology requires a data connection from a cellphone. With navigation, music, and all the other apps we use in our dashboards these days, the amount of data consumed even while driving is enormous.

Hopefully data prices will stay as low as possible to allow consumers to use as much data as needed without having to worry about breaking the bank.

News source: The Washington Post
Image source: Verizon

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