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Monday, October 26, 2015

2016 Chevrolet Cars Come With Air-Conditioning For Your Smartphone [Video]

Sometimes you come across car features that make you scratch your head. Chevrolet is offering air-conditioning in it's 2016 car models, but not for the cabin alone. A special vent for cooling your smartphone is included in the vehicle's center console.

The following car models come equipped with 'Active Phone Cooling' technology...

2016 Malibu
2016 Impala
2016 Volt
2016 Cruze

The cooling system for your smartphone is located at the bottom of the center console, in front of the gearbox. The Active Phone Cooling technology, as Chevrolet calls it, is just an extra vent from the car's air-conditioner. There are no special controls for the vent.

Also included with the cooling technology is wireless charging for your Android device. The vent is probably included because Android phones tend to overheat when being charged wirelessly. That's one way of tackling the problem.

Watch this video from Android Police explaining the Active Phone Cooling technology in Chevrolet vehicles.

Video source: Android Police via YouTube

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