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Friday, August 15, 2014

GPS Issue Reported In A Few Pioneer NEX Head Units

Recently, a few people have reported a GPS positioning issue with Pioneer NEX head units. We found a couple of posts on AVIC411 Forums complaining of the problem and what you may have to do if your NEX head unit encounters the issue.

Affected head units get stuck trying to find a GPS signal and will display the following error message...

Positioning is not possible due to the hardware. Please contact your dealer or Pioneer service center.

Check out these screenshots from AVIC411 member 'tractors4u'...

From the forums it looks like the only solution to the problem is to contact Pioneer support and request a replacement head unit. Users have tried checking for issues with the GPS antenna, cable or port and haven't found any problems.

Going through Pioneer support can be time-consuming. The other option is contacting the place you purchased the receiver from and hoping they will replace it for you if you're lucky.

One AVIC-5000NEX user reported the problem resolved itself when he turned his car off and back on. Other affected head units so far according to the AVIC411 thread are AVIC-6000NEX and AVIC-8000NEX.

This issue has affected only a handful of units. Apart from the thread on AVIC411, we couldn't find any other users reporting the issue. If your NEX head unit has run into this problem, let us know in the comments below.

Source: AVIC411


  1. Bought mine through Amazon on november 28 from HookedOnTronics

    Worked for 2 days until i got that error.. Tried (reset, unplug, reboot with and without gps antena) changed languages. Turn off the car engine came back 1 hour later.. again came back 7 hours later too.. nothing.. im still getting the same error.

    Now im canadian, amazon is US.. how am i gona get it fixed ? if i have to ship it back its going to cost me a shipping cost.. and i can't ship it regular because its a dam expensive package.. so i need to register it.
    Once they receive, what then... are they going to ship me another deffect one from the same batch ?

    Not to mention that i have to take it out of the car and have the previous radio installed until they ship me a new one or repaired one.

    1. I had the same issue but it started when I plugged in my iPhone and selected a route home from my phone not the receiver. I disconnected the phone shut the radio off tried to reset it and nothing. But as I found out it happens because I was trying to use my phones gps and not the radio. So I rebooted my cell and shut off the receiver shut the car off after I neared the recovers fans shut off then started the car again and connected the iPhone again and no problem it fixed itself. I hope this can help a few people. What I forgot to add is that I did a firmware upgrade a few days before because I was having other problems like static when I hooked my phone to the receiver and pressed now playing it would get static and stop playing. But when I hit that button again it was fine. It only happens when I hit that button for the first time I hooked up my phone to the radio.

  2. Same thing with me .. first show the error and after turn on off work good now - gps not working at all show the error all the time - what to do ? I call the pionner service ,( the unit is not in warranty) they tell me to send the item to California ( i am from Chicago) and will charge me $80 for estimate + shipping and then they can tell me how much will cost the repair .. :S I am sick of Pionner products !!!

  3. Mine has been doing it too. Started up a few days after I installed the new Carplay FW upgrade...

  4. I just received that error today on my 8000 NEX. It's been working fine for 1.5 years. Now I am out of the 1 year warranty. I wonder how much this will cost to fix.

  5. Mine only 1 month old and started giving CHECK TUNER alert and nothing would work except after reset. A week later started getting CHECK ANTENNA and took back to Jimmys Car Stereo and they install a new antenna. Three days later the unit quit for good. No GPS positioning, no XM even my iPod sounds like a skipping record. Took back again and they tried multiple fixed but finally told me they would contact Pioneer for a replacement unit. Thank heaven this was under the warranty.

  6. I received this error a few days ago :( Trying to get ahold of Pioneer now

  7. This happened to my 8100NEX. Spend $1000 on a unit that lasted maybe two months and the Sirius and GPS failed. Of course they make you do the factory reset and loose all your settings. But what for me that matter when you can't use the GPS or Sat radio you subscribe to. At least AM/FM and Bluetooth still function. Pretty sure I could get a radio cheaper with these features. It's a problem that pioneer NEEDS to confess to. It's been documented the same issues are plaguing these units and not a peep, other than to send it it for repair. I would suggest never buying products from them again until they admit to this manufacturing defect. It's an obvious hardware problem (internal to radio). If they keep doing this...don't be surprised by a class action law suit.

  8. Just happened to my 8200NEX! Have had it for 6 weeks, and it fails.

    Now, will probably have to pay an installer to take it out, then pay to send it back, then pay to have the new one installed. Great! Just great!

  9. Happen to my 8100NEX after a week. Uninstalled it and sent it back to Crutchfield. This shouldn't be happening to a $1000 radio. Poor quality control or Pioneer doesn't care. Either way I'm done with Pioneer and their substandard customer service.

  10. My 8200 NEX worked for about 2-3 months and have nothing but problems with the GPS since. Taking it back to car toys today and pay to have it sent back...totally sucks.

    Until then the unit rocked.

  11. It just happened to my 6100nex. It also started making a loud noise out of my speakers. I had to unplug the rca's from my amp. It gave me an amp fault one time, but it went away. It just says looking for gps signal and never knows my location. I'm thinking about getting another brand?

  12. My 6100nex can't find a gps signal. I'm thinking about switching to Kenwood?

  13. Pioneer 5100 NEX piece of shit. First Sirius totally disappears, and then 5 minutes later the GPS stops working with the error above. Called pioneer, and they said it is out of warranty by 3 weeks, so $230 repair, plus shipping. I made the comment that I could buy a kenwood or JVC with the same features and spend less. His response, honestly I would do that and save some money, plus you wont be with out a unit for 2-4 weeks.
    I appreciate his honesty, but fuck you pioneer fuck you. Back to JVC or Clarion I go.

  14. Started having this problem on my avic8100 nex.not even 2 yrs and its malfunctioning. Hopethr installer can make it work


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