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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Four Weeks After iOS 7 Release, iPhone 4/4S Still Incompatible With AppRadio

iOS 7 was made available for download to the general public on September 18 and since then millions of users have updated their iDevices. While many are happy with the newest edition of Apple's mobile OS, there is a huge group of users that isn't feeling too enthused. I'm talking about first generation AppRadio owners who own the iPhone 4 or 4S.

The iPhone 4 and 4S running iOS 7 aren't compatible with the first generation AppRadio. Errors pop up when these devices are connected to the head unit. On trying to use AppRadio Mode or even apps like Pandora or iPod playback, fatal software errors make the head unit unusable.

Once the error pops up, the only way the AppRadio becomes usable again is by disconnecting the phone and resetting the AppRadio. This incompatibility came up without any warning from Pioneer Electronics. In fact, Pioneer sent out emails to those on their mailing list only after iOS 7 was launched, warning them not to update their iPhone 4 or 4S to iOS 7. Too little too late!

This issue begs the question, why didn't Pioneer test out the beta versions of iOS 7 on the iPhone 4/4S with the AppRadio prior to the official release by Apple? Now, granted, the first generation AppRadio is over two years old but there are still plenty of people that own that device.

Also, Apple updates its iOS software every year. It wouldn't be fair to expect older hardware to work flawlessly with the new software without any adjustments being made.

The email that Pioneer sent out last month recommended first generation AppRadio users not to update to iOS 7 "until further notice". Well, it's been almost a month now and there still isn't any update regarding this issue. There are plenty of restless AppRadio users who are demanding a fix or at least some answers. Will they be left high and dry with no fix in sight?

Apart from not warning users prior to iOS 7 release about updating, Pioneer has spent too much time with this issue without providing any fixes. I think as consumers, AppRadio owners at least deserve a statement from Pioneer updating them about what's going on. The guessing game has gone too far.

Apple makes things tough for hardware companies with their ever-changing software. Maybe we should direct some of our disappointment towards Apple too.

Pioneer has loyal customers that keep buying their products over the plethora of other choices they have. Hopefully we will see a fix soon and everyone will be happy. If anything changes, we will report it here. So stay tuned!

Image source: Apple


  1. Yes the iPad 2 Wont work prober either, it will open op the app radio app, but the scale of dimension on the screen is WAY TO BIG ..... !!

  2. the MARKETING and PR vicepresidents of Pioneer are very slow. they should have given some information to their buyers. we are very dissapointed because seems that we are not important for them. they should be fired until further notice.

  3. I own a AppRadio SPH-DA01. I am amazed by the fact that the radio is working with my iphone 4s and ios7. Sure crashes if I try to change applications or some application just does not go.
    I mean, you probably will not be long to make it compatible.
    It will not be a ploy to get us to buy the new Appradio3?

  4. My 4s hasn't worked with my DA 02 smoothly since day one. ( Neither does this web site comment board ) ... and I have a factory IOS 6.1.4 ( no hacks ) and the latest Pioneer AppRadio update. I was gonna blame EC Touch App .. but even after deleting it and hard resets .. the DA 02 still fails miserably. From the touch screen not responding .. to the Car Media player not showing up on the screen ( shows up on the iPhone ) .. as well as inconsistent source toggling ..

    I have been trying to find some logical source to the corruption ... a pattern of what to do and not do first ( or in order ) ... since I have no time to jerk around with his install ( I have other things to do ) ..

  5. Does the app radio 3 work with the new 5S? Does anyone know?

  6. Yes the 5S works with the AR2/3 units. And guys, you shouldn't hold your breath that Pioneer will offer an update for DA01/02 units. These units are discontinued and Pioneer rarely if ever has offered an update for a discontinued unit.

    1. Thanks for the reply Michael. I just bought the app radio 3 and my iphone 5s is on the way. I was worried I was gonna have problems. I cant find any videos online of a 5s working with the app radio, and it is not listed as compatible on pioneers website

    2. People are reporting on AVIC411 the 5S/5C works just fine.

  7. The 4S running IOS 7 works with the EC Touch on Appradio DA01
    1. Blow away the Appradio App
    2. Install EC Touch.

    EC is still buggy (player) and the price hike on add-ons is a bit rich, but otherwise it is out with the Appdadio - a dog-eared pig's ear pretending to be a silk purse. Pioneer support for Appradio has been shameful at best and they deserve to loose market share.

    Missing Streams, and I don't know whether the (paid) Tunein will fill the void. At least Waze works!

    1. Can you explain "Blow away" Do you mean delete?

  8. New Firmware:

    AR3 (with DVD)

    AR3 (without DVD)

  9. so we can agree that it is devices with the 30-Pin that don't work? and by the way it is not the head unit that needs new updates.... it is the AppRadio App that lack a update becaurse the appradio mode is the appradio app not the head unit..

  10. We just need an answer from PIONEER, that is all. then we will decide for another brand, never buy another PIONEER product again, and tell the story to every one.

  11. SPH-D01 UPDATE ONLINE.!!!!

    FW-2.64 supported IOS7

  12. my iphone 4s ios7 does not work right with my app radio2 did you guys figure it out yet?

  13. I'm having the same issue as Lane. Cant seem to find a good answer for why my 4S wont work with my appradio2. If anyone can help please let me know.


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