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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Would You Buy A Car Stereo Made By Apple? [Poll Results]

Our latest poll question asked whether you would buy a double-DIN car stereo made by Apple. An "iCar" device would probably be quite popular and our poll results told nothing different.

A head unit that would connect to your iDevice and possibly allow you to run smartphone apps or one that would have its own operating system (iOS) installed on it would, in my opinion, sell like hotcakes! Apple makes quality products which somehow just sell like crazy. I would buy one!

There were 86 responses to our poll question. As you can see in the chart below, more than two-thirds of you said 'Yes' to buying an Apple head unit. This question may have received 'No' as an answer if you live in the Android ecosystem. In which case, maybe an Android head unit would appeal more to your needs.

The next poll question will be posted soon. Keep an eye out for it in the left side column of the website.

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