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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rdio Is No Longer An AppRadio Compatible App

Earlier today I had posted about the recent enhancements to Rdio. Thanks to user "VBlue42" I have been informed that Rdio is no longer AppRadio compatible. When it first launched Rdio offered a month of "free to try' service. After that you had to buy a subscription to continue streaming music.

Dropping support for AppRadio has attracted a lot of negative feedback for the service. Users have suggested choosing Rdio over other services like Spotify only because it used to be AppRadio compatible. Not anymore though. The service is bound to lose customers because of the lack of AppRadio compatibility.

I am not currently subscribed to Rdio and with there being no AppRadio compatibility I don't plan on doing so anytime soon. Pandora does the same thing Rdio does, free of cost. The only drawback is the occasional ad you need to listen to.

Rdio has no plans on bringing back AppRadio compatibility according to their Help Forum. In case things change in the future we will report it.

Pioneer Electronics still has Rdio as one of the compatible apps on their AppRadio page. That piece of information is misleading unless you're running a version of Rdio older than 2.2. Also, only the iOS version used to be AppRadio compatible. The Android version did not have that compatibility at any time.

Source: Rdio


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