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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Question: Would Google Chromecast Work With AppRadio?

An anonymous user asked whether Google's latest streaming media player, Chromecast, would work if connected to an AppRadio (2 or 3). Just like I had posted a few months ago about Apple TV working with an AppRadio 2, it would work. In fact, any device that uses HDMI to connect to an external display will work. But there's one requirement which doesn't make this setup fully functional.

Google Chromecast is a device that looks like a flash drive but allows you to stream online video, music etc. to your TV using your smartphone, tablet or even laptop. The device has an HDMI male port on it and is designed to be plugged in to your TV's HDMI port. Most HDMI ports on TV's are powered these days so there is no need to connect the additional USB cable which comes with the device.

Once plugged in you need to setup the device to connect to the same wireless network as your smartphone, tablet or laptop allowing you to stream content. There lies the biggest hurdle in getting it setup in your car. You would need to have a wireless network setup in your vehicle which would allow you to connect the Chromecast and your smartphone.

Putting in a wireless router in the car is easy but you won't have internet connectivity, just a wifi network. Without an internet connection all you'll be able to use is offline data like music or movies stored on your portable device.

Chromecast currently supports services like Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and even Google's Chrome browser. It works with Android, iOS, Chrome for Mac and Chrome for Windows.

It is available for purchase for $35 and is in short stock across retailers. The attractive price has definitely driven sales through the roof.



    1. Interesting, I've seen another video where someone added a mini wifi router and AppleTV as well. I wonder if ChromeCast is worth adding/playing with for iOS users? I was looking at adding a self powered HDMI auto-switch that works well in other applications.
      (it's tiny and only $7 too)

  2. That's what I'm thinking, ChromeCast works with internet connection so if it will be used with AppRadio, the connection won't be stable.

  3. I have my Chromecast working in my car with only my phone, no additional device. I have an Appradio 3 mirroring from a Samsung Galaxy S5 with full mirror, and touch, functionality on my Pioneer head unit.
    I made a video Demo with some incite of problems I had to solve to get this to work with an S5, build info, and a demo of the working functionality. Hope this helps!


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