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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

First Generation AppRadio's "Fatal Application Error" Resurfaces

First generation AppRadio (SPH-DA01/SPH-DA02) users haven't seen a firmware update in a long time. In fact, the last firmware update version 2.63 was released more than a year ago (July 2012). Some users who have tried to update their AppRadio recently to this version have experienced an error that makes the device unusable.
The Fatal Application Error arises when trying to update the firmware on first generation AppRadios. Some users have reported being able to restart the update process and get around fixing the issue. But there are others who say their device has bricked due to the error rendering it unusable.

The firmware update includes two files that need to be installed in succession on the head unit using a microSD card. The error shows up when loading the first Boot File.

Apart from retrying the update there is no known workaround or fix for the error. Users have had to contact Pioneer support and have their devices fixed by the manufacturer.

This error affects only first generation AppRadios. There is no new firmware update available at the moment.


  1. if got the same error but can use the device since without problems.lucky one :D

  2. I didn't even try to update, and this error bricked my head unit anyways (sph-da02). Get this message every time I even plug my phone in (iPhone 4S, iOS 7)

  3. Same as above. It updated without issue, starts up without issue, and everything works just fine... until I plug my phone in. And then it hits me. So long as I am playing music and controlling it all from my Phone, it still plays the sound and all, but it's impossible to do much else with the head unit.

  4. Biggest hassle and complete garbage I've ever installed. In addition to additional apps YOU have to purchase, or YOU have to subscribe to, they are the only apps that work with the stupid thing. I have the same problem they will probably never fix. Updated to 7 out of necessity, re-installed app radio app, connected phone, and brick... If you are reading this in consideration of an APPRADIO head-unit, one word to you, no. Don't do it. No, bad, bad bad bad.... NO!.... In addition to slow start-up times, hiding the fact its WINDOWS based garbage, if ANYTHING, and I do mean anything, goes wrong with your phone, you will be sitting in silence the whole way home, if you don't remember where the hidden reset button is.

    This head-unit is EMBARRASSING. I forgot about the reset button, and when the current problem arrose, I had to drive my friend home in silence for 45 minutes from her birthday bash. Talking about a complete buzz kill.

    I've been bitten, and will not buy another APPRADIO ever.

  5. Here's what Pioneer replied to me; Japan engineers are still investigating the available options to provide compatibility for your model. Please check the Pioneer website periodically for an update on the issue. If you have not already done so, please register your product and you will be notified when the update becomes available. Is this an acceptable answer for you?


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