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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Rdio Steps Up Their Game With 'Stations' And 'You FM'

UPDATE: Rdio has dropped support for the AppRadio since its last update in May 2013. As a result the iOS version of Rdio isn't compatible with AppRadio anymore. Disappointing! (Credit: "VBlue42")

The subscription-based music streaming service, Rdio, has received major feature updates this week. In response to the upcoming iTunes Radio and existing services like Pandora and Spotify Radio, Rdio now allows you to create stations based on songs, artists and genres.

Rdio is AppRadio compatible and has a good looking interface in AppRadio Mode.

Rdio has a social factor which helps create stations based on your friends' listening habits. Stations has a "People" tab which highlights what your friends are listening to.

You FM takes it a step further. It helps you fine tune the music you listen to based on what you do on your social networks. The app looks at who you follow on Twitter, things you like on Facebook as well as your likes in Rdio itself to create stations accordingly.

Rdio requires a monthly subscription. Following is the pricing information. You can also read full details about the latest update from Rdio's blog page.

The old features of syncing music for offline listening, heavy rotation etc. are still available. You can download the latest version of Rdio from the App Store today. Only the iOS version of the app is compatible with the AppRadio.

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