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Friday, April 10, 2015

Where Is The Wireless CarPlay Feature In iOS 8.3?

Contrary to what's being reported, the wireless CarPlay setting is no where to be found in iOS 8.3.

Apple released its latest version of iOS a couple of days ago and much was being made about CarPlay finally working wirelessly. But the after searching high and low, the CarPlay menu in General Settings is not present in iOS 8.3.

So what happened to wireless CarPlay?

First of all, let me apologize for jumping the gun and reporting yesterday that iOS 8.3 was released with wireless CarPlay. Here's what seems to have happened.

Apple includes many features in beta versions of its software which is released to developers for testing. Wireless CarPlay was one such feature included in iOS 8.3 beta over the last few weeks. From the beta, information about wireless CarPlay including a separate Settings menu and how to set up the feature surfaced. Even a screenshot surfaced on the popular tech blog TechCrunch.

But, what happens when the final version of an iOS update is released? Many features get left out by Apple due to various reasons including bugs, compatibility issues, etc. This seems to have been the fate of the wireless CarPlay feature.

But this doesn't mean that the feature is dead. For wireless CarPlay to work, you need to have a compatible vehicle or aftermarket head unit that supports the feature. Currently, no such vehicles or head units are available. So it looks like Apple will wait a while to release wireless CarPlay when the hardware capable of delivering the feature gets here.

Stay tuned for the latest.


  1. I read somewhere that you need to connect the iphone via USB first, then the setting for wireless car play will be available, can someone confirm?

  2. Everything I've seen has said that wireless CarPlay is not comparable with any existing hardware and will require the use of new hardware in upcoming vehicles.

  3. I have decided that the app radio is the biggest piece of dog poop I have ever bought!


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