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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pioneer AppRadio 2 & AppRadio 3 Encountering Issues With iOS 8.2

Whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS, older generation AppRadios and head units run into issues. What makes things worse is that Pioneer doesn't update the firmware of their older devices to support new software. Which means, you either stop using the hardware inside your car or skip the iOS update.

Various user feedback and forum threads have brought to light the current issues that older generation head units are encountering with iOS 8.2. Apple released the update at its media event last month. If you own a first generation AppRadio (SPH-DA01/SPH-DA02) or AppRadio 2 (SPH-DA100) or maybe even an AppRadio 3 (SPH-DA110/SPH-DA210), you may have run into one of the following issues...

With older generation AppRadios, AppRadio Mode is the main feature. If issues arise with AppRadio Mode, then users might well be stuck with an expensive AM/FM Radio and clock in their dashboard.

I have gathered a few issues that have been reported so far from various sources regarding iOS 8.2. Not everyone may experience these issues.

1. Screen Resizing: When in AppRadio Mode, the display resizes to a smaller size and doesn't fill up the screen. This issue came back when iOS 8 was released in September of last year.

2. Device does not recognize music stored on iPhone: Some users have reported that their head unit does not show any tracks when using an app like CarMediaPlayer. A popup message saying "an accessory firmware update is needed" could show up.

3. AppRadio Mode-compatible apps crashing: A few apps crash at launch after updating to iOS 8.2. This could be because app developers haven't updated their apps for iOS 8.2 and AppRadio Mode yet. Crashing issues were seen in iOS 8 due to the new keyboard system but most developers have since fixed that issue.

4. Bluetooth Streaming: Jerky playback when streaming music to an AppRadio 3 over Bluetooth has been reported in only one instance. I haven't seen any other instances of this issue being reported.

Do you use an older generation AppRadio with iOS 8.2? Let us know in the comments below if you've encountered any additional issues with AppRadio Mode or the device in general.


  1. My biggest disappointment was Mirrorlink in Android being totally screwed.

    If you own any new Android device (or have updated your firmware) they all come with Mirrorlink 1.1 and that's not compatible with any of the AppRadios. Pioneer won't update the firmware so I have an expensive FM radio in my car and it's only a few months old.

    Yes I could use the AppRadio mode but that lacks TuneIn radio and flattens the battery as it's restricted to charging at 500mA which is crazy. If they had used MHL instead of HDMI things would have been better. Instead we have to convert with an MHL adapter to HDMI so lose the charge over the cable. Madness.

    I really like the Samsung Drive Link app but it constantly fails around 5 minutes of using it. I get a black screen with "communication error occurred". It's usually after a sound has played but can be random. I've never had more than 30 minutes connected time to the phone and that's with using it for 10 hours a week (I drive everywhere as I'm a DJ).

    I'll never ever buy another one and will look at the Parrot Android Auto unit. It looks great.

  2. I have the AppRadio 3 and an iPhone 6 running 8.2. Ever since switching to iOS 8 Pandora will stream for a minute or sometimes quite a while but suddenly audio stops while the song continues to play. It functions fine over Bluetooth without issue but as we know you can't thumbs up or down a song via BT and it doesn't offer album art or the ability to change tracks.

    Also stinks that playing Pandora via Bluetooth means the "Pioneer Sync'd" screen comes up so there's no way to change the station you're on unless you disconnect Bluetooth first and then turn it back on and reconnect to the AppRadio 3.

  3. Appradio2 + iPhone 6+ (iOS 8.2)
    1) Waze still crash when try to use keyboard, even after the latest update.
    2) If you use Waze with alert/ voice over, it will often crash, or worst turn into black screen. Workaround is to switch Waze audio from Bluetooth to Phone only.
    3) If you get black screen, only cure is to perform "Reset Network Settings".

    Think twice before getting Pioneer head unit.

    1. 8.3 is out and is supposed to resolve some CarPlay issues, wanna try it out and let us know?


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