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Sunday, April 19, 2015

JVC Kenwood Drops Hint On Possible CarPlay + Android Auto Head Unit Release Date

Back at CES 2015 earlier this year, JVC Kenwood unveiled plans on entering the Apple CarPlay + Android Auto playing field with a couple of double-DIN head units. At the time, the two head units announced were the DDX9902S & DDX9702S.

The announcement included a possible release date of "mid-2015" but no pricing information was mentioned. However, in a recent Facebook post this week, the aftermarket head unit manufacturer has offered a more specific release date.

The post on Facebook included the tagline "One Receiver, Two Solutions, Zero Confusion". Here is a screenshot of the post...

When asked by a couple of people on when the DDX9902S and DDX9702S be available, Kenwood USA replied with "end of May". That's about six weeks away.

Apart from featuring Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, the two head units could feature one USB input & an AUX input according to a separate comment from the company's Facebook account. Details from CES 2015 also suggested MHL connectivity, HDMI input upgradeable to wireless HDMI but no MirrorLink.

Full details should become available as the release date approaches.

Source: Kenwood USA via Facebook

1 comment :

  1. After return 3 Kenwoods units DNN990, DNN991, and DNN992, for lack of support, I'd never even look at another Kenwood. Their support was absolutely useless, and each unit had major bugs right out of box. The last unit came with 3700 run hours on it. These guys are ID-ten-T's
    All hype, with no support. Advertised features that don't work, etc.
    My last new unit came with 3700 run hours on it :)
    In a word their software "blows". They are not to be trusted with your hard earned money.


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