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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Watch This AutoMate Demo Video - Android Auto Interface On Your Smartphone

Just two weeks ago, I posted about AutoMate, a hack that allows users to run the Android Auto interface on their smartphone screen. To be able to use the hack, which is in beta right now, you will have to get an invite as a beta tester from the developer. But once you're on board, AutoMate seems to work pretty well.

Check out this demo video below...

You can also read this post about AutoMate on Android Gadget Hacks. There are plenty of screenshots and setup instructions posted there.

Video source: GadgetHacks via YouTube

1 comment :

  1. It's not a hack as it's not Android Auto. It's a clone and one that the developer has got almost perfect.

    You also don't need an invite. All you do is join the Google+ community and you're good to go. I paid for the full version when I first used it A few weeks back. Brilliant.


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