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Saturday, April 25, 2015

These CarPlay Compatible Apps Have Already Added Apple Watch Integration..

Apple Watch. The latest Apple device.

Apple CarPlay. Been around a while, but still very new.

How do those two work together? Well, let's see which CarPlay compatible apps have added Apple Watch integration first. That could be a major requirement for you to be able to control CarPlay from your wrist.

I cannot confirm whether the Apple Watch can be used to control CarPlay at this time (I decided against getting an Apple Watch). But this is where the CarPlay compatible apps stand at the moment with regards to Apple Watch integration...

Podcasts - No Apple Watch integration
Beats Music - No Apple Watch integration (not CarPlay compatible either)
iHeartRadio - Apple Watch integration added in version 5.7.0
MLB At Bat - Apple Watch integration added in version 8.1.3 (not yet CarPlay compatible)
Spotify - No Apple Watch integration
Stitcher - No Apple Watch integration
CBS Radio News - No Apple Watch integration
Rdio - No Apple Watch integration
Overcast - Apple Watch integration added in version 1.2.1
Umano - No Apple Watch integration
Audiobooks - No Apple Watch integration
TuneIn Radio - Apple Watch integration added in version 7.3
TuneIn Radio Pro - Apple Watch integration added in version 7.3

I will try and keep this list updated and also provide more info on the Apple Watch - CarPlay connectivity in the coming few days. If any one of you can shed some light on this topic, let us know in the comments below.

Image source: The TuneIn Blog

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