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Sunday, April 26, 2015

HTC Working On An In-Car Infotainment System To Rival Android Auto, CarPlay [Rumor]

Smartphone manufacturer HTC is rumored to be working on a brand new in-car infotainment system to rival Google's Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The project is being codenamed "Cello" and will bring things like navigation, media, and even night vision to your car's dashboard.

Here are some extra details...

According to release notes from the project that were posted on Reddit, the software works alongside "Sense Automotive", which is HTC's customized version of Android. "Sense Automotive" will essentially bring car-related Android features to your dashboard.

But "Cello" is going to be much more than just smartphone integration in your car. It actually looks like being integrated at a much deeper level with the vehicle's sonar (which is used for adaptive cruise control), tire pressure monitors, lane departure warning system etc. Release notes also suggest integration into the vehicle's night vision system.

If true, this software plus hardware integration from HTC is a surprising venture, to say the least. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are relatively new in the market and adoption of the software has been quite slow. Currently, only Pioneer's aftermarket head units allow users to get Android Auto in their vehicles. CarPlay is available through the Alpine iLX-007 along with Pioneer's head units.

More information on "Cello" will be available in the coming months.

Source: Reddit
Note: Top image is a simulated mashup of the HTC Car app


  1. This is stupid, HTC don't have the resources to make this successful.

    1. I think they do (by far).

      HTC have been OEM manufacturers for MANY years. Re-engineer a phone with HTC Sense into a headunit...add an ODBII adapter that can pull data form various sensors (that aren't provided remember).

      If Parrot can do it I'm pretty sure HTC won't have any issues at all.


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