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Monday, April 20, 2015

Apple Expands CarPlay Availability To Ten New Countries This Month

When CarPlay was first announced by Apple, it was going to be available only in a handful of countries at launch. The list of countries has slowly grown since then. Just this month, Apple added 10 new countries to that list.

Apple's iOS Feature Availability page shows the full list of countries where their in-car software will be available. Earlier this month Apple added Brazil, China, India, Thailand and Turkey to that list. And a few days back, these five countries were added to make the list 25 strong...

New Zealand

What does CarPlay feature availability mean? It simply means that you will now be able to purchase a product (like an aftermarket head unit or even a vehicle) that ships CarPlay-ready in one of those countries (depending on the manufacturer, of course).

The addition of new countries to the list is sometimes of no importance because people often purchase CarPlay-ready products from places like the United States and use them in their country, even if its not on the list of supported countries. Most CarPlay features work as advertised, as they would in the United States.

Apple does have a footnote on some of the CarPlay countries like Brazil, India, Thailand & Turkey which says, "Maps unavailable in CarPlay".

Here is the full list of countries with Apple CarPlay availability...

Source: Apple

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