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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Waze For Android Version Is AppRadio 2 Compatible

Waze for Android version is AppRadio 2 compatible
The developers behind Waze, the social GPS & traffic app, have posted a tweet earlier today informing users that the new version for Android is Pioneer AppRadio 2 compatible. Still no news on when the iOS version will have AppRadio connectivity though.

Has anyone used Waze with AppRadio 2 from their Android phone? It would be interesting to see how it works and what the interface looks like. I like Waze a lot and use it quite often. It will be better when AppRadio 2 compatibility for the iPhone becomes a reality though. For now, only the Android users can enjoy Waze through their AppRadio 2's.

Head on over to Google Play on your Android device and download this latest version of Waze today.


  1. This is very strange, I have a non jailbroke IPhone 4S with IOS 5.1 and Waze works perfectly on my AppRadio 2. Simply conect the Iphone and start the AppRadio app. Start the Waze app from your IPhone, Then touch the App icon on the AppRadio perfect

  2. doesnt work on mine other than a mirror image of the phone display.

  3. Once I fix my Parking Brake wire, so I can enable video on my Appradio2. I will try to get some pictures or video of this for you. I have been using WAZE for a year now. Works really well! (Since I live in an area with a good solid number of users) I find it funny, when I see the Police icon on the display, so I stay at 7 over the limit and other people pass right on by me. Oh well, hope the ticket isn't too much buddy. ;)


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