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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Pioneer Survey Shows In-Car App Usage

Pioneer has released results of an online survey conducted recently by Harris Interactive on their behalf. Although complete details are not available, a few usage numbers have been reported in a press release. Full details can be obtained by requesting them from Pioneer. Contact information is available in the press release link below. Here are some numbers though.

The most commonly used app types while on the move? Unsurprisingly, 56% were maps and navigation apps, 31% were music, and 24% were social networking. Although those percentages don't add up it gives a fair idea of app usage while in the car. It would be nice to see the exact details.

Pioneer also reiterated on the safety issue while driving and focusing on making apps convenient to use safely while driving.

The AppRadio line of products along with other Advanced App Mode products in Pioneer's 2012 lineup try to integrate your smartphone's favorite features in the car. Music apps are a no-brainer in the car but most people now use their smartphones for navigation. I can't remember the last time I used my GPS.

The biggest issue with AppRadio or AppRadio 2, for me, is having to handle the phone even though it's connected to the device. Doing this while driving is illegal in California. Most functions require either tapping a button on your phone or swapping apps. Even though the phone is docked on the dash I can see how it can be a distraction. Hopefully a day will come when you connect your phone to your car stereo and put it away in the glove box while driving.

For more details about the press release check out this article on Yahoo! Business.

Source: Yahoo! Business
Photo courtesy: Pioneer Electronics

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