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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Do We Really Need An AppRadio App?

The latest AppRadio app update seems to have done more harm than good to the AppRadio (or AppRadio 2) experience. There are a lot of issues that have been reported across the web. Most have been fixed by deleting the app from the iPhone and reinstalling it. But the major issues of automatic launch and pop up messages haven't been fixed. Made me wonder, do we really need an AppRadio app?

I have deleted the app from my iPhone and I find the experience a lot better. For one thing, the AppRadio still requires you to handle your iPhone while it is connected. I have mine in a dock next to the in-dash receiver so tapping a few buttons on it isn't that big of a hassle. So why not launch apps directly from the iPhone instead of having to go through the annoying AppRadio app?

With the app deleted from the iPhone, the AppRadio doesn't try to launch it when you first connect the device. All you get is the 'Ignore' warning on the AppRadio. Click it and it brings you to the home screen. From there you can jump straight to your iPod (which I usually do) and start listening to music. No more interruptions to the music that's playing.

I have placed all the AppRadio compatible apps on one single page on my iPhone. So if I want to launch any one of them they are all in one place. I launch Extra Mile, for example, and click the 'Apps' button on the iPhone. The music pauses and resumes (bummer!) but the Extra Mile app shows up on the AppRadio. I switch apps on the iPhone instead of the AppRadio.

I know this sounds confusing but give it a try and see for yourself. For me, the most annoying thing is the AppRadio app launching when you connect the iPhone. Deleting the app takes care of that problem. I have used the device without the app for over 24 hours now and haven't missed it a bit. So what if I can't see my pictures, calendar or contact list on the AppRadio?

What do you guys think?


  1. i think better buy an ipad and put it in dashboard...( sorry, but sometimes, that makes me crazy having so much issues...)

    and something i don't long as appradio "app" can stay in background iphone system runing why to systematicly "authorise or ignore...." non sense from pioneer...

  2. That authorise or ignore message sounds more like something Apple imposes, nothing to do with Pioneer

  3. My cable from the appradio to the iphone is broken. The place where the two wires join into one has a loose wire connection and the right channel audio works intermittently. The radio is ok but it should have a secondary input besides iphone only.

  4. seriously ? is that the way to deal with this problem ... fuckin delete the app ?? and "who cares about having contact and map and etc " r u fillin retarded ? we need those assholes to make this work right !!!

    1. No doubt Pioneer needs to fix a lot of issues but I've deleted the app from my iPhone. It seriously makes the whole experience a little bearable. And I don't miss using those stupid stock apps either.


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