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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Extra Mile Update Adds Improvements

The trip logging and voice navigation app, Extra Mile, has been updated to version 4.7. The app is already the most frequently used app for me. I like the simplistic navigation and trip logs. The interface is pretty too. The new update has improved functionality of the app. Here are more details.

Version 4.7 has the following improvements:

- Full Auto Re-routing support
- Improved Dashboard with driving analysis graph and local weather
- History of last destinations with Search
- Share your trip details on Facebook and Twitter

The above improvements are pretty self-explanatory. I am looking forward to seeing what the new dashboard looks like. Will post screenshots when I get a chance. The sharing feature is nice too. You can download the latest version of Extra Mile from the App Store today.

Check back later for more.

Update: The Facebook/Twitter sharing bar lingers too long on the screen and obstructs the view on the dashboard. Needs a fix!


  1. I like this app, but withnthe new version I have an issue in the dashboard... I need to switch between dashboard and navi screen in order to cancel the left panel of sharing options... However I like the work of extra miles team

    1. Yes. The black sharing bar is annoying when you first start the app. But overall a nice update. I'll have screenshots up soon.

    2. Hi, we are glad that you like ExtraMile app. The sharing bar is shown only the first time and it is self hiding. It goes away after 5 seconds.


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