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Sunday, May 20, 2012

User Video Shows AppRadio 2 Working With HTC Evo 4G

YouTube user, "Tech337", has uploaded a video showing how to connect an Android phone to AppRadio 2. He's using an HTC Evo 4G and there are quite a few interesting details available from the video. This is probably one of the first videos out there showcasing AppRadio 2 with an Android phone. Check it out.

As you can see, he is using an Android app called HDMwIn for mirroring his phone's display onto the AppRadio 2. Also, he hasn't use the Android connect kit which is available from Pioneer for $100, instead is using a third-party HDMI cable. There's an intro screen seen when the phone is first connected (not seen with iPhone). The mirrored option is nice but you can't obviously use touch controls on the AppRadio unless you're in advanced app mode. And seems like so far only a few third party apps are AppRadio compatible through Android (Pandora, CarMediaPlayer, AUPEO!). 

Notice the AppRadio app crashes with an error when trying to use the Calendar app. There was also a considerable amount of time needed to connect via Bluetooth and seemed like auto-connect wasn't working. 

I use mirroring with my jailbroken iPhone 4S a lot of the times but having to control everything using the phone is a little annoying. If only mirroring worked with touch controls, the whole experience would be a lot better. Seems like a possible solution is on the horizon from the developer of AppRadio Extensions, Mike DeCaro but it will obviously be available only with jailbroken iPhones.

Thanks "Tech337" for the video.

Video courtesy: Tech337's YouTube Channel


  1. Thanks. I left a comment on his video. Nice to see what it is suppoed to look like.

  2. but he's already set everything up, right? so this is the process he has to take *every time* he gets in the car? That seems nuts.

  3. Honestly, the AppRadio is the worst crap a major manufacturer ever came up with. The old AppRadio was really slow and completely useless and the new one seems no to be any better. A few bugs? This thing is big bug itself. It’s completely beta. Ohh in just 20 min you get the thing up and running, that’s so exciting! Exactly the time it takes to get to my destination. It’s so embarrassing how a great idea gets destroyed.


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